Trouble with Java label and other results not displaying properly

I am having a hard time with a java label displaying something that isn't anywhere in my code that I am able to find and it's driving me nuts.  I'm wondering if it's something weird with the compiler because I had the class and then I renamed that file to and recompiled.  I changed a few minor things including adding a label for "best score" instead of just the previous score played.  However, regardless of how I change the "best score" label it continues to show up as "previous score" even though I don't have that text anywhere in my code.  Also the "best score" portion is not working and it is still functioning like it is retrieving the "previous score" from the .dat file rather than the highest value.  Is it possible some how that the compiler and/or the .class file is stuck on the previous version?  I just can't think of any other reason this would happen.  Any help is appreciated.
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Gurvinder Pal SinghCommented:
please post your source code
Ravi KallaTechnology LeadCommented:
Did you change the class name in "" from "HedgeYourBetUsingFile" to "HedgeYourBetUsingFile2"? I think you haven't changed that. So, this will lead to the compilation problem which you might not have observed. Follow the below steps to make the program work:

Step1 : Change the class name in the file "" to "HedgeYourBetUsingFile2"
Step2 : Compile the above source file
                   Eg: javac
Step3 : Make sure that the new class file (HedgeYourBetUsingFile2.class) is created after Step2 is success
Step4 : Execute the class file (HedgeYourBetUsingFile2.class) that is newly created
                   Eg: java HedgeYourBetUsingFile2

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