Is it worth learning JavaFx

Ive noticed JavaFx is not listed on this site, Is it worth learning?
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girionisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends what you want to do. JavaFX was hailed as the next big thing (basically it was Sun's answer to Flex) but I know of only a few products that are actually using it. For me it's not yet worth the hassle, give it more time. If you want to focus on the client is better to learn Swing rather than FX. But of course this is entirely my personal opinion.
first of all it mostly dependent on your project's requirements.
it's ,relatively, very new language and competing with flash and silverlight.
and flash has huge share of the RIA
if you have time you can learn the basics of JavaFX, won't hurt :)
you can also integrate JavaFX with Swing
my guess is that SUN is trying to revive the applets with JavaFX

GCF1Author Commented:
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