Blackberry - how to activate auto lockout after time period and is data encrypted?


I used to know how to set the Autolock out period on a blakcberry  but it's changed on newer ones. So I can inform someone else can someone advise me

1) what is the procedure to auto lockout after x mins on a newer blakcberry bold. Therefore after a set amount of time it will automatically required a password to access the blackberry.

2) Also can one encrypt the data on the blackebrry? Therefore if one is worried the device will be stolen and examine, is there a way to encrypt data or is it encrpted anyway.

Thanks for any input.
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I have a Pearl with 4.5 OS and there is not a way to auto lock it. You can set one of the side keys to be keyboard lock. Maybe an app can do it on a inactivity timer. Also you can encrypt the memory card data via the settings in case someone takes the card, but the phone can still see the data so a password would be the best way to protect the device if the whole thing is stolen.
afflik1923Author Commented:
Hi thanks for that but I am certain there is a way to auto lock. On the curve this has always been possible for many years and although I know they changed were i was I cannot believe they have taken it out. I have also done it on a Bold before but that time I had the bold in front of me. Now I have to tell someone else how to do it.

Thanks for any more input.
The only thing on my Pearl is lock when holstered. Hopefully someone with the other devices will chime in on this.
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afflik1923Author Commented:
Yeah, not a Pearl thing, glad you found it.
on-device encryption can be turned on for your device.
Go to options - Security - encryption and enable it. Choose whether to enable either device memory, media card and other options.

99.99% of people don't have the technology do extract raw data from the device if there is no encryption on-board (you need very specialist chip-reading encryption). As far as I know, no one has broken AES-256 (or higher) encryption.

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afflik1923Author Commented:
Thank for that. I did find it in the end but your answer is correct.
I was able to enable lockout and encrypt the data on the device.
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