How can I get the ISO Image for Paragon Partition Manager 6.0 Personal?

Dear experts

After using Paragon Partition Manager 6.0 Personal, I urgently need the Recovery CD Image from Paragon because I am not able to boot my computer anymore. My computer now shows this message: Your disks were modified by Paragon Partition Engine! Insert its boot diskette and press any key..."
To get the ISO image from Paragon that would hopefully fix the booting problem, you need to register as a customer at the Paragon website. However, I was unable to register the product (serial no.: 210-080-1200). I got the CD for free along with a external HDD that I bought, which is apparently the cause of the registration problem.
Is there any way I can register the product to get the free download of the ISO image? If this is not possible, can I purchase the ISO image for Partition Manager 6.0?
Would it help to purchase any up-to-date version of Paragon partition manager to get this ISO image?
I need it to boot my computer and fix it.
Paragon has not replied to the request I submitted and I'm afraid they discontinued the support for Paragon Partition Manager 6.0.

Should I give up looking for that ISO image and use my Windows XP Recovery CD?

PS: Fortunately, my personal files are stored on another partition and should not be affected even if I use Windows XP recovery CD.

Your help is greatly appreciated
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I suppose that what has happened here is that you used the Partition Manager to modify some settings of your system partition (C:). As usual with partition management tools, it would suffice to select these modifications, then revert them (instead of cancelling and aborting the programme) to keep them active and scheduled.

In order to process these, which cannot be performed in a running system, the tool initiated a restart and modified the Master Boot Record in order to make sure that its bootable disk version would be executed on reboot.

All this is highly questionable and proves once more that one should not play around with partitioning tools. They are too dangerous.

If my assumptions are more or less correct, and if you are certain that no operations on the disks or partition tables had already been on the way and need to be finished, rebooting off your XP installation CD into the Recovery Console should fix this by typing:
on the console prompt.

Here's how you get to the Recovery Console:
Partitioner2010Author Commented:
Thanks so much for your kind help. I'll let you know later if it worked out.

I tried to shift my system partition (C:), which I regret now. The system had to restart and I saw how modifications were being made (data was shifted). So I left the computer and when I came back I saw the black screen telling me: Your disks were modified by Paragon Partition Engine! Insert its boot diskette and press any key..."

The Windows XP Recovery is now being sent to me because I recently moved to Switzerland.
Then I'll try FIXMBR.

Just one more question: Will all my applications be gone and need to be reinstalled after that operation?
The operation I suggested will only reset the boot code inside the first 500 bytes of your HDD. It will not touch any data written on the disk whatsoever.

But what worries me is the fact that your C drive already has been modified by the partitioning tool. It now looks like it didn't finish its job. Nobody can tell what this means for your data. In the worst case scenario, they may have to be recovered, some may be lost. Don't worry about applications: they can easily be reinstalled. It's your data that matter.

As I said, FIXMBR will not modify the contents inside your drive's partitions. It will make the prompt for the boot disk go away (hopefully), so that you can boot into Windows again. But if there are still operations to be completed, this also means that you will be bereft of the chance to insert such a boot disk and have things be completed.

So here's another suggestion that you should try before:
You live in Switzerland, Paragon is in Freiburg/Germany, round the corner. Phone them. Ask them if you will be able to complete the operation using the boot cd of their current product, Partition Manager 10, and that you would buy it if you knew this helped. (Also tell them that they should stop distributing their old software for free if they aren't willing to support people who got into trouble using it!)

I think it's worth trying this before using FIXMBR.
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One more thing:

You may inspect the current state of your disk/partitions, and also backup data if still accessible, by using a Linux boot CD.
Download the free Parted Magic:, write the iso image to disk (use ImgBurn: - which is free as well) and boot your PC off it.
On the desktop, click the 'Mount' tool, mount your HD partition(s), and inspect the files you see in the filemanager that automatically opens. If you find your data, you can copy them to USB media.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Hey, just request the CD from Paragon Support Team. They will give to you for sure with no payment. I am in close contact with those guys and they always help. Especially if you are in urgent trouble.
AND DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TOOL TO get RID of this message.
Message means that you have interrupted some operation in half way and trying Recovery Console or any other third party tool will cause big problems to you.
BTW, any CD of Paragon free backup or partitioning tool should let you proceed with this operation too.

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Partitioner2010Author Commented:
Thank you so much! I love this expert exchange platform!
I haven't touched the PC so far but I'm prepared for the worst case..

Finally, the German support team of Paragon replied to my enquiry and I was able to download Partition Manager 7 Recovery.exe from a link that they e-mailed to me. It seems like you know the Paragon team quite well as your post is absolutely correct. Thanks!

I'll have someone burn the image on CD so that I can proceed with the operation that broke down. Currently, I'm using a biz laptop where I don't have admin rights to burn the CD.

It seems that I'm on the right track, now. I hope my patience will pay off...
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
If the CD was sent to you in .exe format then you need simply double click on the file and it will start so called Unpack and Burn Wizard. All you need is blank CD and CD-ROM that burns CD.
As it completes burning boot your PC from it and select Normal Mode (in old version it could be Normal Linux as far as I remember). It should scan automatically for interrupted operations and suggest completing them.
If it does not them let me know or contact support team. My practice shows that patience brings more benefits that blind steps =)
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Did it went well since booting from Recovery CD? Any update?
Partitioner2010Author Commented:
Thanks a lot!
I finally received the Paragon Recovery CD that was burnt for me and I booted my computer with it. The Normal Linux mode started automatically after a couple of seconds. It took some time to complete the operations that were scheduled.
The CHKDSK that came later showed that there were some issues with certain files but it seems that these issues were corrected.

My system is up and running again and I promise I won't touch it anymore.

At the first glance, my data does not seem to be damaged. However, I am going to make a backup of it on an external HDD.
Unfortunately, my wireless connection didn't work anymore but after several attempts and some old tricks I'm online.

Thanks again! All your help was incredible and worked out.
Partitioner2010Author Commented:
I'm glad I asked experts instead of trying to fix the problem myself.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Glad to hear it worked for you.
Here is my explaining of what happened. As I could get from support rep, the tool puts special record to MBR at the time you apply the operations. This is done to prevent data loss in case of unexpected PC turn off. IN case of power shortage or someone did hard reset the PC, the tool will let you continue the operation correctly till the successful end. I think it would be better if they modify the warning message to - "you have uncompleted operation, please use CD to complete it etc".
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