Watchguard Firebox X Edge - Licensing

I was about to buy a used  WatchGuard Firebox X Edge Series  XP2E6 on ebay . .  but then I started looking at the Licensing lock-down on their products.

The Watchguard Firebox Web site says.
If you don't have the current password for the unit . . reset it with the button and then load the Watchguard Configuration Software to re-activate the unit with your licensing info etc.

To get the Watchguard Config Software you have to have an Active Subscription with Watchguard.  This requires an official transfer of ownership between the seller and buyer on the web site. Also, if the unit was used as an upgrade to a new firewall the old one is dead . cannot be registered by anyone else.

I was willing to use it without firmware updates or optional service subscriptions, but it looks like it may be completely unusable without the old owners password or access to the Watchguard Configuration Software.

Question:  After a Reset can I log in with a browser with default credentials and configure a used unit or do you have to have the software to make it usable ?

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With X Edge series, yes, you can reset the unit and log in [there is no default username/password]. Depending on the model the unit would come with 10 or more user licenses.

Please let know if you need more details.

Thank you.

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swb_mctAuthor Commented:
Thanks, three follow-up questions:  (if you know the answers, great.  If not your initial answer is the correct answer)

1.  The Watchguard Help Site says that all NEW units come with a 1 user limit until the feature key is applied.  Does the Reset button set the unit back to 1 user ?

2.  Is it true that if a unit was decommissioned through an upgrade replacement unit from Watchguard, the old unit can not be used for any subscribed services from Watchguard ?

3. Does the "official" ownership transfer have to take place through Watchguard for a new owner to use subscribed services from Watchguard.  
I will answer to best of my knowledge:

1. On reset the initial license [if already applied] is not removed from the device [assuming that the user earlier had put the license it should be available].

Procedure to reset unit running 10.x version of software:

2. Should be true but please check with WG so they can give a complete answer. It may be that WG would not provide any services but as a firewall the unit can still function.

3. Yes if you wish to use subscribed services then WG would help you with ownership transfer and has to happen through WG website.
Please check if the unit is already EOL also read their EOL policy:

Thank you.
swb_mctAuthor Commented:
Thanks,   I closed this case before I saw your contribution
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