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hauppage 1212 and xbox 360. windows 7 pc

I have set up for a 14 year old a xbox360 and hauppage 1212 to capture video (720P) and the 1212 comes with arcsoft capture software. I can capture the software just fine.

The problem I have is he is using sony vegas 9 and/or pinnacle to edit the software capture file, but its very advanced software for him. He had the standard capture card with pinnacle and told me it would see and capture the video and put it all in small squares, easy to edit for him.

With the HD 1212 I can not get any software to bring in the video straight from capture, the pinnacle 12 and sony 9 see the hauppage but give some input error.

So my question is as follows. Is there software or settings that will capture straight from the happauge 1212 other than the hauppage? If so which and versions and settings.

Second questions is if NOT, then I can capture in arcosoft to a file, what software for a 14 year old is user friendly to edit and upload to youtube.?

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
What input error are you getting? I'd stick with the capture and try to alter the output from Hauppage box
Here they still recommend Vegas & although there are loads of options it does work well.

If you can get an AVI output that is supported you could try importing it to Windows Movie Maker which is a cut down video editor.
In Windows 7 it's called 'Windows Movie Maker Live' and is a slightly different product but you can install the Vista version in Windows 7 with no problem.
For YouTube try exporting it as H.264 or .mp4
with refs to>>
 Is there software or settings that will capture straight from the happauge 1212 other than the hauppage?< yes of course but that card should do fine.
What your young friend needs to do is read the manual and become familiar with all the steps of capturing formats so he can decide before hand the video scale and format to capture to.
Frequently Asked Questions
there are many tools to convert the video to mpg or WMV
and then toi edit them
I use Super Video converter and Nero Vision to add in effects with WMM
Once he has captured his file, if he wishes to use it on youtube
small is good but size is not a problem with youtube however the bigger it is the longer it takes to upload could take days sometimes.
What exactly did he want to upload to youtube as youtube will convert it to flash
check out youtube a fantastic place to find help as well lol
Hauppauge 1212 HD PVR
Youtube also provides very good guides
Make my video private : Getting Started

sticks2uAuthor Commented:

I have no input error from hauppage and the software it came with arcsoft. It is only when I bypass arcsoft and try to use sony 9 or pinnacle12 it says input error etc but it does see the hauppage in the capture area of that software. The exact error message I will post.

If I record from arcsoft it saves out only in 3 file types, non are avi. I would have to use a converter I think, and that most likley would be another step that will take more time.

AS to Merete: Please link me if you have it to sony vegas 9 settings where you can record direct from hauppage, as a one to one??? Or pinnacle 12.
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sticks2uAuthor Commented:
Update pinnacle 12: A vaild unput signal has not been detected, please check all cables etc.
The screen on the tv and the video capture on the pc go black and flash in and out briefly and slowly while loaded and running pinnacle 12 and this error.

I can NOT get a straight capture from hauppage 1212 to pinnacle or vegas, its only arcsoft, is the arcsoft pripartery software with the 1212 or something?
Hi sticks2u:
to recap>>So my question is as follows. Is there software or settings that will capture straight from the happauge 1212 other than the hauppage?<<  other than the hauppauge >>NO!!!
Not from the hauppage itself.... one cannot capture from a capture card.
But you can use other capture cards.
the Hauppage is the capture device the PVR ( Personal video Recorder) is the Arcsoft Capture Module Device.
As I suggested you need to read the manual lol ( included below)
If you can see the TV on the Arcsoft Capture model you're halfway there.
Use the Utilities to convert the captured media
The Arcsoft MediaConverter application will allow you to convert your HD PVR
captured .TS files into an Apple (.MP4) format, Microsoft (.WMV) format, Panasonic
(.WMV) format , Philips (.WMV) playable format, a Sandisk (.MOV) playable format,
or a Sony (.WMV) playable format
I'll include a snapshot
another note
When opening the Arcsoft capture module if you only see a Channel button
The ArcSoft Capture Module may attach to other software installed or other capture devices installed
 If it has >>>go to the Source drop down menu at the top and select the Hauppauge HD PVR Capture Device..
here's the
Quick install guide, plese read

You can also use Super vidfeo converter to convert them before editing in the other tools you have.
Already posted that
This what you should be seeing when capturingArcsoft Capture Module
To further answer you
 yes you can use a different software with the Hauppauge. I use my Nero " Media Home" to capture as well, it uses the capabilities of my capture card , I have a Winfast Capture from Leadtek. It's PVR is the Winfast.
I had to configure the NEro MEdia Home to use my capture card, and it also provides a lot more video formats to capture in.
then edit later on.
I bought Nero Ultimate Boxed and it came with all these etxras

Nero Home combines television and the recording of television programs with playback of
DVD-Videos and audio/video files in an easy-to-use interface.
So to round this off for a 14 year old
simply convert his captured files to mpeg / or avi with a video scale of 320 X 240 for youtube
using Super Video converter
What exactly does he want to edit?
He can then use WMM 2, or Nero Vision
but it depends on what edit means?

sticks2uAuthor Commented:
Hey Merete,

Thank you so much for taking the time, if you know what I mean. I will address your last question.

My 14 year old is running a HD setup 720, so correct me if I am wrong. I let him record his video like normal with arcosoft to the filetype mp4 one of the 3 options in arcsoft.

Then I take super video convertor (where do I get this or is in bundled with arcsoft?) and convert that saved file to the AVI and sale of 320x240.

Why he likes AVI is because his pinnancle 12 when using an AVI file, broke the video down I guess to many many small frames (squares) and it was easy for him to pick n choose.

And after he has picked his video, they only thing to do is make sure its at 320 x 240 for you tube correct?

He also has windows movie maker and he has not used it, so I dont know if the avi format is easier to edit in that software or the pinnancle, I will see.

Yeah that's about it sticks2u:
really simple steps, I use Super all the time to reduce and convert my clips, Virtual dub mod is very good to append clips avi or mpeg
320 x 240 is recomended but it doesnt matter
apart from converting the mp4 to avi or mpeg or WMV. .Mov HD video doesnt really matter either way
all uploads to youtube are converted to flash again.
Once he has done this it's easy,

Another important note  I'd like to add
 in order to upload his content to youtube he needs a free account and then youtube will ask him to agree  that the content he is uploading is soley his property.
General Copyright Inquiries: Recording concerts, sporting events, etc

video uploading explained,  well worth a read

Super Video converter from the host site
It IS NOT RECOMMENDED to download SUPER © from other sites as you may get an outdated or tampered SETUP file.
Becuase the site has so many relooping pages  here is the direct link
Download SUPER © setup file  from our 2nd dedicated server

sticks2uAuthor Commented:
Hey have you used pinnacle versus Windows movie maker? Just wanted to get your opinion which one was easier.

He has a youtube account so we are good there.
I upgraded him from standard capture so he could play his games in HD while doing capture with the hauppage, seems like he likes it.

I will get and download this super convertor, and have him take the source file and change over to AVI or WMV for editing. once I dub over to avi does super give me option to save at 320 x 240? or do i have to select that?

Thanks again for the expert help
Hi, I have not used Pinnacle but I have used many other tools, personally i find WMM too lame it's good for simple things that is all
Yeah super will convert it and also offers to change the video scale
Use the Mencoder not ffdshow in this instance
Erigh thas some guides, but if you need assistance just come back I'll be happy to assist

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