Admin Password on "Winamp"

Installed "Winamp" on my PC to play my music files (mp3).
One irritating point: each time I start the program, the system asks me to enter the "Administrator Password" in order to run the program.
That is absurd! I am playing music files. How can I tell the computer to just run the program without requiring that password (which is unnecessary). By the Way, I ran the installation of the program on MY standard account and not in the Admin account.
Thanks!  GadgetDude
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  Hi there GadgetDude,,,

You can either make sure that the user you are accessing win7 with is an Administrator ??? and making a user an administrator is not really recommended ...

or you can run " Winamp" as an Administrator and check if still you are getting the same problem or not

Finally, is this the only application asking for the " Administrator Password" when you attempt to run it ???

Best Wisshes
By the way what is the version of WINAMP you have ??? is it 5.57???
'standard account and not in the Admin account'
explain please....
Is your 'standard' account an administrative account ?
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I know this problem, it was there with vista, too.
Uninstasll and reinstall and don't choose to start the program rightaway but finish the installer without the option "launch winamp".
Right-Click the Program Shortcut you would like to run as an administrator.  
Click Properties from the context menu.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
I want to thank everyone for all their support; however, I am strongly considering deleting this question as there appears to be no solution. I am almost convinced it has something to do with that irritating Windows 7 UAC. Why have I reached this decision? Consider this:
[i] I have attempted to install Winamp 5.57 more than 6 times, installing first in my Standard acccount; and then, installing in the Administrator account.
[2] Regardless of which account the program is installed: Administrator or Standard, the result is absolutely the same: each time you attempt to run the program, you are asked for the Administrator password. You should not have to ask for the password with such a program.
[3] It is my opinion: the UAC is screwing up the installation (or it is something else entirely; in which case I admit to being clueless.

Conclusion: I have tried for 5 days now to figure this out and I can't. I am tired of having such difficulty with a good, but relatively minor program.  I think it is time to find a substitute for Winamp.
P.S. I will delete and close this question in 24 hours.
If you think it's UAC - turn it off temporarily.
I told you I have experienced the same problem with vista AND Win7 and how i solved it.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
McKnife: As always, I thank you very much for your efforts and your support.
However, my position still stands, I will close down this question tomorrow because there is no solution in sight. My last attempt will be to contact Microsoft directly (and even they won't have an answer). As far as your worthwhile suggestion: been there, done that. I attempted to install "Winamp" with UAC disabled. Still, it requests the "Admin" password. There is a "bug" somewhere; but I know not where.
Again, McKnife: THANK YOU!!!!!
No problems GadgetDude
but remember if you have this problem with Winamp ie a program ~>media player it will re-occur again with any other media player you install that's outside of WMP.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Why do I feel that I'm on the edge of a cliff looking down at a problem no one can solve and I am in danger of PC Free Fall?
LOL. Don't jump resistance is futile
Remove WMP as the default player then r/click an MP3 and open with select Winamp

Are you a guest?
or on a network GadgetDude?
Installing software in one account doea not give it global rights in other accounts.
Right click on the shared folder and select properties.
From sharing tab select permissions.
Remove everyone
Add your user name and select permission type "read only" or "full control".
Now only your user name have permissions to access this folder.
To edit an account,
open Control Panel  and select User Accounts and Family Safety,
Add or remove user accounts.
This takes you to the Manage Accounts window, where you can select an account to edit by clicking on its icon.
In this window, you can change the account name, create or remove a password, change the picture, set up parental controls, change the account type, or delete the account.
Be cautious when removing a password, since it will cause that user to lose any encrypted files, personal certificates, and stored passwords.
Well that's about it really
If you get some feedback from MS please  do share.
All the Best

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I would suggest you browse winamp forum to see if they have such issues and
possible solution.Hard to replicate error when you dont have it ....
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Hal9000: "This can only be attributable to human error".
Borg: "You will be assimilated".
We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Kaplaa (Klingon: "Success")  
A Borg with a sense of humour...strange.....   :)
tell us your progress....
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
This is an unsolvable question, but I felt I should give the points to a member who provided the most detailed "possible" solution. THERE IS NO ADEQUATE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. As proof, I have been in contact with 4 sources: Experts-Exchange, Windows 7 Forums, Nullsoft (makers of Winamp), and Microsoft. No solution was possible with any of these sources. So, I delete Winamp and move on.
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