1st DC crashed and 2nd DC will not create profiles when users logon.

I am running Windows 2003 Server and the first Domain Controller has died. I transferred all the FSMO roles and Global Catalog server to the second Domain Controller. When users attempt to login the Login is slow and it kept showing window stating "setting up wallpaper" and it would not disappear. Also no connection via outlook to the Exchange server. I am able to web browse however. After logging out, checked DC02 and not showing any profile for new account.

I am a new Administrator and am very lost can anyone lend some advice? Thanks in advance!
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Hi there,

Is 2nd DC host name is different from 1st DC. If yes, then you need to incorpates in profile path location for all users.

For example - \\DC1\Profiles$\User1 to \\DC2\Profiles$\User1

Ensure Profiles folder is created and shared with everyone.


can you explain what you mean by " After logging out, checked DC02 and not showing any profile for new account."

if you go to any user in ad and check its properties does it have a home folder or profile path etc... if so what is it pointing to ?

on what server is your exchange server ? are you sure it is pointing to the correct DNS ?

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Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
Any error in eventlogs or popup on client during logon process?

If you mean that roaming profiles are used, check that the correct path is specified in the profiles tab of the user object in ADUC.
Does DNS configuration on the client (ipconfig/all) point on the correct DNS server? If DNS server isn't available or cen't resolve the internal domain, client will atlast timeout and failover to WINS/NETBIOS name resolving giving lack of logon performance.
If getting a temporary profile due to problem with loading the profile, the profile will not be saved to file server share.
morarcAuthor Commented:
All very helpful troubleshooting techniques, thank you!
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