The document About filename.pdf could not be opened. Acrobat cannot open files in the Adobe PDF document format.

When I try to open a .pdf file on my mac, I get the error, The document filename.pdf could not be opened. Acrobat cannot open files in the Adobe PDF document format.
But I can open the document if I open Acrobat and then open file through Acrobat.  I'm using Snow Leopard and Acrobat Pro 9
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Is it possible that you have more than one version of Acrobat installed on your computer, one of which won't run in Snow Leopard?

Also will double clicking on the document open it if Acrobat is already open?
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
In general, if you run into unexplainable problems with Acrobat, a repair or reinstall is in order. To repair your installation, go to the help menu and pick the appropriate option (which one it is depends on your version of Acrobat). Which version of Acrobat are you running?
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ChuckydollAuthor Commented:
OK, I figured out what it was, but, not exactly sure why this is.  I ahdthe application open as I was tryingto click on a document in my documents folder to open it.  When I closed out the Acrobat application, the document opened when I clicked it...strange.  I rebootedthe Mac then triedto dplicate the error and it wouldnt give me the same error.  Just strange.

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I suspect you have two copies of Acrobat on your computer. The reason the file will not open by double clicking when Acrobat is open is that it is trying to open a different version of Acrobat.

I suggest to go to the file in question, highlight it, then type Command-i for Get Info. Go down to the Open With section and check the box to change all. Then change the open with application to open with the particular version of Acrobat that you normally use.

If you have as second version of Acrobat or Acrobat Reader on your hard drive, you should probably delete it.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
@strung - On a Mac, it's perfectly OK to have multiple versions of Acrobat installed at the same time (and running at the same time) - that is different from Windows. I am fairly sure that this is not the problem (I'm running four versions of Acrobat on Snow Leopard with a couple of Reader versions thrown in).
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