Hello gurus,
I am about to test a network W2008 dhcp server and RRAS all in vmware.my layout is 3 w2k8 servers and 3 workstations.my pc is big enough (windows 7 64b 16gb ram and 2tb hdd.
My question is how shall I configure the vm machines to take an ip from another running vm machine that have dhcp ?
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marcokrecicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use "host only network" on all virtual machines to create an isolated network for your test infrastructure.
assign a static ip address to all servers.

put all servers and workstations in a subnet

example:      for servers     scope dhcp

that's all
Just like any other, there shouldn't be anything special to setup.

My dhcp server is a VM and I have some other VMs that are dhcp clients. If the VM is in the same network or vlan, it'll work via broadcasts. If the client is in a different subnet/vlan you'll need a dhcprelay, usually setup on the router or default gateway for that subnet.
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