pool ind mode maintenance after a rebuild

j had somme errors on  a pool

i do
NSS Poolverify
NSS poolrebuild for the pool VOL1

and after the pool rebuild the pool stay in mode maintenance

whate can i do to acivate my pool vol1

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lesgilConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
we have do these command and the poo; stay in mode maintenance

on the site novell whe have seen that the problem can solve only by systems enginers with te modifications the table of the partition

so whe have do :

via imanager
suppress the volume
create the identical volume
it's OK

the restoration of the data is running

thank you
lesgilAuthor Commented:
hello it's a production server wtih 1200 users with a pool by volume so the volume sys is good
Did the verify or rebuild mention any problems?

If not, NSS POOLACTIVATE=VOL1 and MOUNT VOL1 should bring it back up.
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