OSX - How to do an md5check sum on a downloaded app file

After downloading an application  file for a MAC (OS X Leopard), for example mysqlworkbench.app, I would like to verify its posted md5 check sum.

The normal way in a MAC is to open terminal and type:
openssl md5 [filename]

However this will not work on an app file because it is an archive and openssl fails with the message : error 0200B015:system library:f read:is a directory:bbs_file.c:167 and other errors

Question: How can one check the downloaded .app file?

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What about this program?

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dbworker1Author Commented:
same problem. The MD5 utility errors out and tells you it is a directory.

You can open the .app and display the contents, then calculate the md5 checksum of the actual (main) executable but this, of course, gives a different check sum.

There has to be a way since the check sum is published. Next I will copy the file to windows and try to checksum it there.
dbworker1Author Commented:
Similar problem in Windows. But in re-downloading the installation file it was clear that Apple make the install very easy and transparent so I was not testing the downloaded file but the installed files, hidden by the install mechanism (just paste the d/l file into the applications folder). Once I found and tested the actual downloaded files then the built in MD5 utility worked correctly.

So it was an issue of not understanding how simple the MAC works.

Split points assigned since the suggested utilities. are a nice shell for the Apple MD5 utilities
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