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Alternative text input on iPhone

Hello Expeerts,

I am going to purchase the next iPhone that is released.  I am hopeful, but not optimistic, about it having a slider keyboard.  Although I know I am going to LOVE the iPhone's point and touch interface regardless, hunting and pecking on an on-screen keyboard probably won't work for me, because I am a fast touch typist, and would find it tedious.

What I am asking is for alternate text input methods, and comments on the following of them:
1.  Speech recognition - Dragon, the premiere speech to text software company has a solution for the iPhone, that I hope would work great, since they have been working hard on voice recognition solutions for decade(s).  If I had a good noise-cancelling microphone/headset, like a Plantronics, then I think this would be a first line solution.  Any comments?

2.  Bluetooth notebook size external keyboard - Does this exist for the iPhone?  If so, who makes a good one?

3.  Laser projection keyboard - In the past I saw a keyboarding solution that used a Bluetooth peripheral to project a laser keyboard onto any flat surface, and one could "type" on it, with relatively good recognition accuracy.  Does anyone have first hand experience with this device?  Is it iPhone compatible?

Thank you in advance for your input.

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1 Solution
The iPhone is specifically engineered to prevent you from attaching an external keyboard in any way at all (so that iPhone sales don't cannibalize MacBook sales.)  About the best you can do for an external keyboard for the iPhone is one that will type only into a special App; you would then copy and paste the text from that App into whatever your actual target application is.  A pain in the neck.   See, for example:

J-AntonioAuthor Commented:
What about the Dragon speech to text?  Can that be used with any app, such as email and SMS?
You record the text into the Dragon App, which can then forward the text to an email, or to an SMS, or to the clipboard, from which you can paste it somewhere else.  You can't concurrently (simultaneously) run Dragon and anything else, so you can't speak text DIRECTLY into any other application.

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