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How do I add a Windows 2000 server as a BDC to a Windows Server 2003 Standard

How do I add a Windows 2000 server as a BDC to a Windows Server 2003 Standard using DCPROMO? Would it be an additional domain controller? Please detail steps
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1 Solution
Just run the wizard DCPROMO and choose an additional domain controller to an existing domain. You would need to update your windows 2000 to the latest patch first.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It cannot be a BDC since BDCs don't exist in Active Directory.

Assuming you haven't upgraded the Domain to run in 2003 Native Mode, you should just be able to run DCPROMO on the 2000 server.  If the domain is in 2003 Native mode, then you're out of luck.
renniscomAuthor Commented:
The 2003 Domain is in mixed mode. So since it can't be a backup DC, I should add it as an additional domain? My concern was that I wanted this server (2000) to serve as a backup server in case the main 2003 server fails or is taken down for maintenance.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
As I stated, there is no such thing as a BDC in an Active Directory domain.  AD domains use FSMO masters - which some people like to consider PDCs and therefore other DCs are, in their minds, BDCs, but this is not correct.  

The PDC in an NT4 domain was the ONLY writable domain controller - a changed password, new account, altered group membership, etc, could only be SAVED to the PDC.

In an AD domain, ALL the DCs are writable (except in 2008 with RoDCs, but that's another story).  Changes are replicated to other systems and the FSMO masters allocate sets of needed info to the other DCs.

Further, the FSMO roles (there are 5 of them) CAN be moved to other DCs - even one per DC - though in small networks, this is almost never done.

If one or more FSMO roles fail, you try to get the DC working again - and if you can't, you seize the FSMO roles to a new DC.  But seizure should be a last resort and done ONLY if you are CERTAIN the failed DC will not come back online.  

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend having a second DC on the network and if you have the 2000 system available, I would make it a DC - PROVIDED it is not an Exchange server.  You would do as I said in the first comment - just run DCPROMO to promote it.

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