Windows 7 File Sharing

From what I have learned here and other help sites, I am not able to share from a Windows 7 system to an XP Pro or Vista unless the XP or Vista shares from the Windows 7 "Public" folder. I can see anything  on the Windows 7 system looking towards files being shared by Vistas or XP Pro. This is a one-way process.

This has created a gigantic problem with my "legacy" Windows XP and Vista. I would like to move up to Windows 7 on a couple of key machines. To do so I must have access to specific folders other than "Public" on the newer Windows 7 system. The company is not going to allow me to upgrade all machines to Windows 7 so that I could configure a 'Home Group".

Is there any third party software available that would allow me to have complete and totat control in setting up shares between Vista, XP and Windows 7? Of, course, Samba comes to mind. I have run Samba on Unix and setup shares to Microsoft systems. Looking for suggestions.
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Is the Public folder the only way to share files in Windows?

No. You can also share files by sharing them directly from any folder on your computer without copying or moving them to the Public folder. This method gives you more control over who you share files with on your network. It allows you to select people on an individual basis and set the level of sharing permissions for each person.

See here :

Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP:
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If you 're not comfortable with using the sharing wizard, turn it off  set up your network as always.

See if link helps 
RayRiderAuthor Commented:
I read through the links. It looks simple enough and easy to follow. However, I did NOT find a solution to my problem. Allow me to restate it a little different and also describe another observation not stated in my original question.

XP Pro Environment:
Original User: "Raymond Rider"
Password: Password is set
Rights: administrator
Level: Service Pack III with latest updates
Network configured as a workgroup, name: "workgroup"
Sharing: C Volumne shared at root level to everyone

Windows 7 Environment:
Original User: "ray"
Password: Password is set
Rights: administrator
Level: Ultimate, 64 Bitt O/S Xeon 5560
Network configured as a workgroup, name: "workgroup"
Shares: C: drive has been given share access at root level to everyone

Detail Observations:

From Windows 7 system: I am able to have complete read/write access to every other system on my workgroup. Network contains XP Pro and Vista Ultimate. All volumes in workgroup have share enabled on C: drive at root level.

From Windows XP Pro system: I am able to have complete read/wirte access to the Vista Untimate system. I can see the Windows 7 C: drive but get get error message: \\brazil\C is not accessible. You may not have permisssion....Access is denied when ever I click on the drive in Explorer.


On Windows XP Pro system: I added user: "ray"
On Windows 7 system I added user: "Raymond Rider"
Both machines now have same two users with same passwords.


Change: Windows XP Pro new added user "ray" now has total access to Windows 7 C: dirve at root level.

No Change: Windows XP Pro user "Raymond Rider" still has no access to Windows 7 C: drive. Only has access to Windows 7 "public" folders

None of this makes any sense to me as to why my original XP user "Raymond Rider" cannot access the Windows 7 shared drive, but the newly added user "ray" has total access to the the Windows 7 system. The best I can determine, both users are configured identical.

It seems we all go through this hassel everytime Microsoft has a new O/S release. Didn't any of their engineers ever work in a Unix environment and learn of the beauty of Unix rights access? Who cares about the Windows library scheme and their public folders. Just let me decide what files and directories I want to let someone have access to!!
Sharing of Windows 7 C: drive is not possible with 'simple file sharing' (on XP).
For Windows 7 you must assign specific permissions.
RayRiderAuthor Commented:

How do I assign specific permissions? I am seeing the Windows 7 share on XP for XP user "ray", but not for the other XP user "Raymond Rider". Did you read my last post carefully? I don't see the difference between the two XP users. So, why does one XP user see the Windows 7 share and the other other XP user not? At this point, I don't have a clue how Windows 7 interoperates between XP, Vista. I understand "simple file sharing" in the way it is to work between XP systems and how to enable it. I do not know what to do to fix user "Raymond Rider" on XP Pro to be able to see the Windows 7 share.

Perhaps one user has simple file sharing turned off and the other does not.
You can not access W7 with simple file sharing (actually you can but not system folders).
To assign permissions you right click your C drive  - select properties - click the tab 'sharing' -
click 'advanced sharing' - check 'share'  - fill the general information as you wish - then click
'permissions' - click 'add' ....
Over there add your users - set their permissions - add locations from which they connect....etc....

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RayRiderAuthor Commented:
The simple solution was just remove the "Raymond Rider" user from XP Pro. I copied all the files for "Raymond Rider" in Documents and settings folder to "ray". I had a few problems with some of my apps settings as they didn't like being run from the "ray" folder.

When I tried to add permissions for "Raymond Rider" in the Windows 7 using the instructions in your last post, Windows 7 could only find a match for "Raymond" as it skipped part of the user name after the space. I suspose it didn't like the space between the first and last name. Never use a double worded user name!

Bottom line, I can now share files from Windows 7 on an XP system at the root level.
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