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Sony VAIO laptop somtimes boots sometimes not (which part is not working?)

Hello experts, I'd like to know which part need to replace? I'm having a problem with sony VAIO laptop VGN-CR590, most of the time it doesn't boot but sometimes it does.  After regular shutdown, I couldn't turn it on. When I press the power button, battery and power lights blinks (stays on as long as I hold power button down, but no longer than 5 sec.) if i pushed power button and hold for 2 sec lights is on for 2 sec as well.
After 5 sec they lights goes off and i can keep pressing and holding power button the lights stays off. After I remove battery and AC adapter it happens again. Lights will go on as many times as i push power button but if i hold it for more than 5 sec, they will never turn on. I have to remove battery and AC adapter. There is a illumination light in front of the laptop this light always blinks twice, when i press power button.
When it boots i kept rebooting like 15 times and it always booted up with no problem. Shutdown and pushed power right away worked as well. If it stays off for hour or more that's then the problem begins. I tried to describe us much as possible, and if you need more info please let me know. So if someone of you had similar problem with similar laptop I would really appreciate your help. thank you in advance
1 Solution
here my laptop troubleshooting guide :
- remove battery and AC adaptor, hold power button for 20 sec, connect AC and reboot --> any display ? if NO -->
- disconnect all disk and cd drives, battery , and other cards and peripherals, leave only 1 ram stick
- boot -->any display ?
- if NO remove all ram and reboot --> if NO beeps, mobo or cpu bad ; if it beeps, replace ram stick

try to boot to bios as well - del or f10, f2 key
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Well this is funny.Have u tried it directly to the AC adapter without the battery.?
gdcobbAuthor Commented:
AC adapter and/or battery same thing. I'll try trouble shooting tonight guide tonight.
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gdcobbAuthor Commented:
I removed everything from the laptop memory dvd drive hdd same thing so it might be CPU or MB. Do you know where i can get MB or CPU or buy broken laptptop like this (ebay and local adds no luck so far).
ok just did one of these jobs the other day does the ac adapter have a light if so make sure it got its light on it not its the ac adpater  now the other thing make sure the plug in the wall isnt routed to a light switch so check your light switches in the house now remove the battery plug  in the ac cable into the computer and hit the button if it turns on its the battery now if that doesnt work take out the battery unplug the ac hold down the power button for 60 sec so that lets out all the julice out of it plug every thing back in sometime computer go into sleep mode last thing to say is check the memory one of them could of went bad so pull one stick out see if that fixes it for you.
gdcobbAuthor Commented:
What do you mean by saying "remove the battery plug  in the ac cable into the computer and hit the button"

in this laptop AC cables come to battery not battery cables to AC. If i would disconnect these cables AC wouldn't charge battery and PC wouldn't boot at all with AC, with battery would work because battery connections are in MB thats there cables from AC comes. I hope I explained clear.
what I meant was  remove the battery on the back on the computer and then plug in your power cord to the computer without the battery being init try to turn it on if it turns on its the battery know also on the power cord little box if their is a light on it then that mean the power adapter works  if their isnt then its your power adapter  went bad it could also be a light switch in your house you need to turn on sometimes that happens to some people thinking their something wrong with their computer when it the light switch in the house another way to check it is to remove the battery remove the power cord from the computer press the power button for 60 sec so it lets all the power out of the motherboard now put the battery back and make sure the power cord is plug back up and try to turn it back on. if that doesnt work try removing the memory and only use one stick at a time to see if it is a memory problem

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