Sending Duplicate EMails


In my code below when it send files as emails, it sometime sends duplicate emails. For example it might send:
Email 1, Email 2, Email 3, Email 3, Email 4, Email 5, Email 5

It is quite random and has no pattern. Anyone have any ideas?
Private Sub ButtonX2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ButtonX2.Click
        Dim heartBeat As New Thread(AddressOf Me.RunProcess)
        heartBeat.IsBackground = True
End Sub

Private Sub RunProcess()
        Dim files As String()
        Dim File As String

        files = IO.Directory.GetFiles(TextBox1.Text)
        FileLength = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(TextBox1.Text).Length()
        ProgressBar1.Maximum = FileLength
        ProgressBar1.Value = 0
        LabelX3.Text = "0/" & FileLength

        If MsgBox("Found " & FileLength & " file(s) in the directory. This program will send ALL files in this directory. " & vbCrLf & "Do you want to send the emails?", MsgBoxStyle.YesNo + MsgBoxStyle.Question) = MsgBoxResult.No Then
            Exit Sub
        End If

        For Each File In files
            Dim mail As MailMessage = New MailMessage
            Dim attach As New Attachment(File)
            Dim addrCC As New System.Net.Mail.MailAddress("")
            Dim addrCC2 As New System.Net.Mail.MailAddress("")
            Dim MsgFail As Integer = 0

            Dim MessageBody As String = "<span style=""font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px"">Hello,<br><br>" & _
                "Please find attached " & GetFileName(File) & ">"

            mail.From = New MailAddress("", "Preview Support")

            mail.To.Add(New MailAddress(""))

            mail.Subject = Now.Date & " - " & GetFileName(File) & " (" & ComboBoxEx1.Text & ")"
            mail.Body = MessageBody
            mail.Priority = Net.Mail.MailPriority.Normal
            mail.IsBodyHtml = True

            Dim client As SmtpClient = New SmtpClient("", 2525)
            client.EnableSsl = False
            client.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential("USERNAME", "PASSWORD")

            Catch ex As Exception
                MsgFail = 1
                MessageBox.Show("Sending email failed. Please Try again (" & GetFileName(File) & ")" & vbCrLf & ex.Message)
            End Try

            If MsgFail = 0 Then
                ListBox1.Items.Add("Sent " & GetFileName(File) & " (" & ComboBoxEx1.Text & ")")
                ListBox1.Items.Add("Failed " & GetFileName(File) & "!")
            End If

            ProgressBar1.Value += 1
            LabelX3.Text = ProgressBar1.Value & "/" & FileLength
    End Sub

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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
How many entries are being output in your listbox? In other words, is your code sending the duplicate, or is it your smtp server?
previewservicesAuthor Commented:
133 Files
133 Items in the ListBox
But i got around 164 emails.
Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
Then it sounds more like your SMTP server is sending out duplicates, rather than them being sent by your code.

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Are you sure the button is pressed only once? Does Files.Count return same number as FileLength?
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