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Which OS do you suggest me to install on a Server to run VTiger?

I have a server with a Xeon 3.0 Ghz, 2HDX500GB on Raid, 4GB RAM.

I'm going to use it to run Vtiger(it is a CRM, it needs Apache & MySQL services).

Which OS do you suggest me to install on a Server to run VTiger?

I thinking on UNIX based one, adding a service (as Samba to share also some directory for Windows PC connected through LAN to this server).
1 Solution
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Well ur desciption says it all
Go for linux,preferably Ubuntu Server
Lookup LAMP.All in one for your purpose.
xeth23Author Commented:
I'm obviously interested to the linux OS, with LAMP but my doubt was on which distribution... Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora... etc... i'm newbie on Unix OS... but i want to learn them.

I wanna start on one with much flexibility and resources around it.
If you want to have a parachute of being able to call humans who can help you 24x7, and the most stable box good for commercial 24x7 use, then RH enterprise is hands-down the way to go.  They fine tune patches, only release what they fully test, and you can even get choices for 24x7 onsite.  Of course you pay for it.

If budget does not allow, go with Ubuntu.  It is reasonably "commercialized". Remember, Dell is bundling Ubuntu, so you have to figure that if Dell is doing it, then they spent millions of dollars finding a flavor of LINUX that will not kill them on support costs.


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