Citrix Isolation Environment file update

Hey Guys!
This is something that has been an annoyance for quite some time and I expected Citrix to patch it but since they aren't doing it maybe it's something I'm doing wrong.

We are using an access application that creates temporary local tables with AIE.  We need to modify the original access file every so often.  As you probably know, the Citrix AIE creates a folder in %userprofile%\Application Data\Citrix\AIE with the environment name.  Now whenever we update the file, I have to manually go and delete the AIE folder in each profile using the application (locally on the server, and the roaming profile) so that they get the update.  Somehow, AIE doesn't detect that the file has changed and keeps using the version in its "cache".

Is there a patch that I can't find, or maybe a switch when running AIErun, or an option somewhere that I didn't see that would help me with this?
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GDITFERCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well if you had every user use the same one I guess it kinda would.. However if you specified a location outside of the users profile, this would eliminate having to go to two different locations and keep your profiles smaller.  What is being stored in the cache for each user?Is it a complete copy of the database?  What was the reasoning behind having it in an AIE instead of a regular environment?  I guess I am a little too used to application streaming where my servers delete the radecache on every reboot.
Inside of your AIE Properties you can change where the cache is stored.  You might want to change that to a location that is accessed by all users.  Example would be giving each user a T: Drive that would all point them to the same location.  This would allow you to only have 1 cache file unless each user needs a specific cache for your application.  If that was the case, i would configure your applications startup script to delete the users specific cache upon each login or every couple of logins to ensure the users always have a fresh cache.
dunnohAuthor Commented:
Wouldn't be using the same cache kind of defeat the purpose of the AIE where the file can't be used by two users at the same time?
dunnohAuthor Commented:
Oh I see what you mean!
I'll look into this.  It's obviously not the exact thing I was looking for but it will most certainly help me.  I'll keep the question open a few days to see if what I want actually exists but if not you get the points.
dunnohAuthor Commented:
Not exactly what I was looking for, but it'll do the job
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