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IIS 6.0 :What is the relationship in metabase.xml and metabase.bin ?

IIS 6.0 :What is the relationship in metabase.xml and metabase.bin ?
2 Solutions
They are essentially the same thing.  

metabase.bin was the metabase used in IIS5 (windows 2000).  This was a binary file, and to edit the metabase, you needed to use a tool like metabase explorer.

With IIS6, the metabase was changed to an XML format, named metabase.xml.  you can explore this using any text file editor such as notepad.  There were various improvements along with this - can read more here:

As Springy said, Metabse.bin was the binary format used prior to IIS 6.  With the introduction of th metabase in an XML format with IIS 6, there were many improvements inclduing:

It's easier to diagnose and repair a corrupted metabase because it's represented in a human-readable format.

The metabase files can be read and saved directly using standard text editor tools (though you normally won't want to edit it by hand unless you really know what you're doingjust like the Registry in that respect).

The XML metabase has improved performance and scalability. It has faster read times on Web server startup than the IIS 5.0 binary metabase, and has write performance that is roughly equivalent to the binary metabase.

The above is from this article, which has a ton more good info about the metabase improvements that came to be with IIS 6.  It's a good read to give you an overview of the changes: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc301710.aspx

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