Why can't I change doamin account password from ESX VM's


Have a very strange issue - If I log into a physical machine on our domain and attempt to change the password it lets me. However if I attempt to change the same account password on a Virtual machine hosted on the ESX infrastructure it gives me the message "username or password incorrect"

I have checked all the GPO's, the default domain policy etc etc and even with inheritance blocked at the OU level these machines still do not allow the change of password.

If you have any ideas i would love to hear them
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ryder0707Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you check the time on the VM if it is sync with the rest?
Any special event id in eventvwr? Try to reset the object in AD and rejoin to domain
Darius GhassemCommented:
Check to make sure they have connection to the domain. Can you ping? Is the time synced?

Make sure you are only pointing to internal DNS servers.
lil_danAuthor Commented:
The issue resulted from vmware tools set to force windows time to sync with the host. Unchecked this, restarted windows time service and hey presto, login successfull
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