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Tool-Tips on Combo Items


I've saved screen real-estate by taking command buttons and playing them in a dropdown combo.  Now, instead of four command buttons, I can launch the same functionality by selecting the appropriate module from the much-smaller drop-down.

However, I have lost the advantage of tool-tips, however.  The buttons had that, and I don't know how I can provide that with the new configuration.  What I'd like to do is have a tool-tip pop up when they hover over the combobox selection, just like they'd get if they hovered over a combo-box.

Is this possible?
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good afternoon!

kindly please check this thread...

this might give u some idea...


Hello NigelRocks,

It is probably possible to do this by trapping the mouse move event and recalculating the item below the mouse at that time.

I would advise against it. It's a non-standard, non-intuitive, GUI choice. One does not expect to see tool-tips when hovering over combo box choices. Instead, add a column to your combo, that will be visible only when dropped down, and display the text that you would add as tool-tip there. That way, the "tips" for all options are visible at a glance, and it doesn't cost you a pixel in screen space.

You could put the tool tip on the label that defines the combobox.  So, in your code you would have something like:

In the combobox's click event, add code to change the tool tip depending on the text in the combobox.

Select case comboFile.Text
     Case "Data Entry"
          label1.ToolTip = { your tool tip goes here }

I've found that a tooltip on a label works much faster, too.  I hope this helps!

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