GroupWise 7 to Outlook

I have a GroupWise account that is 7 plus GB large and need to get that into Outlook w/o spending any money on software. I have configured Outlook so it will see all of my GW email, calandar and contacts. But can't seem to make a backup to the Outlook side. I have succesfully exported the calendar and contacts out but am running into trouble w/all the email.
I believe a pst file has a 2GB limit so I have split up the email into a large number of folders that are under the limit but am still running into trouble. Any folder I export ends up being the same size and I know that's not right. Anyone run into this before?
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ZENandEmailguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm guessing you're migrating the mailbox to Exchange?  If so, you'll import each PST file into Exchange individually.  If not, you'll have multiple PST files to deal with, all of which can be open at the same time and accessible via the Outlook client.

I think Outlook 2007 will actually support much larger PST files but I'm pretty sure with Outlook 2003 and earlier, despite what may be posted on the Internet, 2 GB is the "supported" limit...meaning a much larger one is very likely but will Microsoft support fixing it in a corruption disaster?  I dealt with a 21 GB PST file for a guy I was migrating from Exchange to GroupWise.  It took almost two weeks to get everything out of it and into a GroupWise Archive, broken down by years which kept them relatively smaller.

Something you can do instead of the File | Import/Export command, you can create a new PST file and then manually drag messages from various folders into it, so you could divide the mailbox up into years.  It would take longer but you'd have PST files for say 2006, 2007, etc. that would mean more to the end user than Cabinet.PST or SENTItems.PST.

I've run into the exact same problem.  It will be a bit time consuming but you need to export each folder such as just the mailbox, just the Sent Items, just the cabinet (and you may have to export each folder under cabinet, depending upon how many items you find in each cabinet folder.

There is a 2GB limit but the export dies well before that for no apparent reason.  Exporting smaller chunks will get you what you need.  Of 50 users, we had to do small chunks on about 15 of them to get the job done...but it worked like a charm.

Hope that helps...

24reasonsAuthor Commented:

So then on the Outlook side the person has a large number of pst files to deal with. I guess they will only be able to open one at a time? If there are a few of them that dont add up to be over the 2GB limit, is that a chance of importing all 3 into one?
24reasonsAuthor Commented:
Thanks ZENandEmailguy, that all worked out great.
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