error 21335 the new DBFile size must be larger than the current size


I want to reduce the log file size from current space allocated 7000 mb to 3500 MB my DB size is 17GB. I tried to give space allocated is 3500 but it poped out error like
Error 21335 The new DBFile size must be larger than the current size.

Can you help?

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Faiga DiegelSr Database EngineerCommented:
You have to make sure that the log file is not less than 3.5 GB. You wont be able to reduce it to 3500 MB if the log file size is more than 3.5 GB
yrcdba7Author Commented:

My log file used 100 MB, space allocated 7GB, I want to reduce space allocated to 3.5 GB.
It is likely the case that it was initially setup at a certain level (7GB) and you are unable to shrink it past it's initially set value. You can try with the DBCC SHRINKFILE command specifyin the size in MBs for the new logfile.

Depending on how you setup the log file you won't be able to shrink it as small as you like, basically the smallest you can get to is the size of the Virtual Log Files.

Try it with the shrink command. Please note that shrinking data and log files is not a normally recommended practice. It is best to pre-allocate to the right size you expect to need and leave it at that point. There are times, however, where perhaps your initial estimates are wrong or you are in a dev environment where shrinking is necessary.

See these 3 Books Online articles for a better understanding:


Shrinking the Transaction Log:

Transaction Log Physical Architecture:

Run this command in your existing database: DBCC LOGINFO()

how many rows are returned? Of those rows, which row has/have the status of 2, out of curiosity?

If you have shrunk your log to the smallest it can go (i.e. you only have the initial two VLFs left, based on how you initially set it up) your options are a bit difficult/restricted. The best bet is really a new database and move the data into it with the log file setup to the proper size to begin with, unfortunately.


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