What community or catalogue software can do this?

I want to create a website where I link articles between each other. My question is, if you have an idea, what shop, community or catalogue software could do this best:

Let's say, it's about cars.
So I want to have several subcategories (cars/race, cars/race/formula 1, cars/pickup).
Each car has a manufacturer, a set of tires and a engine.
I eant to have an article for each manufacturer, each set of tires and each engine.
The engine has some data like kW.

Porblem I have now is:
I want create an article for a car. Then I want an easy maintainable link between the car, it's manuf. the tires and the engine. If someone clicks on that link, he should see the article about the engine and see, what other cars use the same engine.

This is just an example of course, I want to add way more data than just these three.

Anyone has an idea what do use? I was thinking of a combination of Joomla Extensions, but I don't think, it can do, what I need.

Basically a Wiki seems to be pretty close, but there I have no community aspect, and that's important (discussions, help each other but not modifying the articles).
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Combine a CMS like Joomla with wiki and discussion extensions to get what you want:





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I think jason1178 has the best suggestion for you.

If however you wish to do this using regular web pages, you will need to establish and maintain a decent folder structure to keep your articles organized, and I would use a good sitemap tool to create a sitemap for all the articles in one place. Also I'd add keyword searching using Atomz.
SmoerbleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answers.

My main problem seems not to be target with the answers though... so I try to explain different:

I am thnking to use Joomla + KI extensio (http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/core-enhancements/content-management/8061/details)

I can add articles and tag them, but the question is, how to create a list of all related articles with a description above the list?

Several cars have the tag engine1234. If you click on the tag, you get a list of all articles that has this tag, but I want an article on top, explaining that engine123 is.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
For someone with little knowledge about web development, I would think that Wordpress would be a much better fit. Joomla! or Drupal take too much time to configure and modify to get it like you want.

I would also recommend CMSMadeSimple: http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/

I took that one and built a site for a guy in less than an hour.
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