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memory leak ion Oracle 11g

I'm supporting a development environment and my group have an Oracle problem. I personally know nothing on Oracle

we run Oracle 11g on a Win2k3 server -> Xeon 3.60GHz 4GB RAM
now it is a 32 bit so only 3GB are actually available
we found an Oracle article that fix the memory problem by changing the boot.ini to let Oracle process use 3GB

my questions:
if I change it, wouldn't Windows OS have memory issues?
is there a way to link the Oracle process with let's say 2GB from RAM and additional 1GB paging?
I understand that Oracle have a 3Gb limit for the process. is there a workaround?
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
I believe you'll have a problem.  Leaving 1 Gig for Windows and it's page file isn't that much.  I would expect a lot of paging.

Although Oracle allows the 'trick' to address more than 2Gig of RAM on windows 32-bit, I've never heard of anyone actually doing it.  I can't speak to 11g but up through 10g, Oracle tended to have strange problems when oracle.exe approached 2Gig used.  I always kept the executable below 2Gig on 32-bit Windows.

You need to understand what Oracle uses that memory for and what you gain/lose by messing with the numbers.  Overall, you don't want the OS to page out Oracle memory.
Memory leaks often are myth.

You have to investigate the size of the SGA (SQL>show sga)
and to use the available OS memory analyzer tools.

In server systems the Operating System often uses the free amount of memory to cache disk blocks, processes,
etc. So you have to find and reliable tool to analyze the memory usage and to make the difference between
memory used by Oracle and the OS and memory uses for cache.

In Windows many experts advices do not use for Oracle more then 50% of the available physical memory.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Can you please explain what part of your question was unanswered?

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chukuAuthor Commented:
show me the workaround in your answer and I'll be happy
you confirmed the things I wrote in my question but did not provide a suggested solution
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Workaround to what?  

If you want to use 3GB for Oracle on 32-Bit Windows, you can.  I still suggest you not since I've never heard of anyone doing this in production.  I vaguely remember asking my Oracle account team and they didn't know of anyone either.

>>wouldn't Windows OS have memory issues?
I believe I answered that.  On a 4GB box giving 3Gig to the Oracle SGA will likely cause a problem.

>>way to link the Oracle process ...and additional 1GB paging?
Not sure I understand the question here.  You 'reserve' memory for Oracle to use with the SGA and PGA parameters.  Oracle has no paging settings.

>>Oracle have a 3Gb limit for the process. is there a workaround?
go 64-bit
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>this question will be deleted without refund in about 4 days.

I still object to this course of action.  I feel this question has been answered to the best of our ability with the available information.

If chuku needs more information all they need to do is ask.
The answer Author:slightwvDate:01/11/10 09:12 PM is a very reasonable comment.
Having 3 GB when you use 2 GB for Oracle and 1GB for paging there will be not
space for the OS. Normally on Windows Oracle space should not exceed 50% of
the RAM space.
Please do not award me points.

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