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Exchange 2007 Not seeig the recipient address from the AS400

I am sending emails from my AS400  through my exchange server.   I can see that the exchange server receives the message but the recipient box shows blank as if it does not see the email address  I have in place.

Here is the AS400 cmd I am using.
  SNDDST TYPE(*LMSG) TOINTNET((xxx@mydomain.com)) DSTD('email from iSeries) MSG('test 1/11/10') LONGMSG('long message text')

I receive the following message from the AS400

Send distribution completed successfully.

when I  open the tracking on the exchange  the recipient is blank.

If I dont use the mail router and send out to the internet I can send to anyone (ie. gmail, msn.etc..)and it delivers correctly however It will not email back into the domain.  

I believe the problem is somehting on the exchange but  I am unsure what it could be.
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Probably something related to format of SNDDST.
Here is the link with complete syntax. Look at PRI part for primary address and try to add it to your command. Exchange may have troubles to forward a mail without a primary recipient

CafProAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.   I have gone through the IBM Docs.
The snddst cmd  TOINTNET   is the *PRI address.    
The only other field for the  Recipient  is the User ID and Address.

IF you leave those blank it then requires you to use the TOINTNET field to enter the email address.

I have sucessfully sent this message out from the AS400 to other mail servers no problem. I just cant get it to go through mine :(
Exchange version and SP installed ?
You can try to install the latest service pack and updates.

Then you can try to sniff all network traffic with MS network monitor to see the message transfer flow and see where is the trouble.


CafProAuthor Commented:
We are running exchange 2007   SP2

Yeah I preformed a trace off the AS400 and I can see where it is populating the field and sending it to the server.   I will try out your idea and try to grab the data as is goes between.   I will let you know how it goes.

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