Centos webserver to not show ip address

I have a tomcat 5 instance running on Centos 5.4. The web app works fine.  Centos is on a static IP address in DMZ. Registered the host name with a hosting company as
  When you go to the IE and type www.mywebserver.com  it goes to the webapp and first pages comes up fine. The problem is when I click on any link on the web page that is within the site, It address bar changes itself to the IP address of the server which I dont want it to do. I do not want to use domain masking from the registering company either because it hides the url string which causes certain pages to fail.  Need Help.

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I think your tomcat is where the problem is at, not the OS. Configure tomcat to use hostname instead of ip address, sorry i can't remember how to do it. It's a start though.

Good luck
I think it's the webapp itself. What app is this? Many of them have a config parameter to enter the hostname to use (for links and whatnot) and if you leave it blank or fill it in wrong the links go screwy. I've seen it with a bunch of java webapps.
Set the context path correctly in your web.xml file present in WEB-INF folder
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DigitaleyeAuthor Commented:
Hi Shaunak:
   Do you have any example or weblink.  Thanks for checking into it.
DigitaleyeAuthor Commented:
I have checked the web.inf file and it is setup correctly. The webapp works great. What do you think of this article.

I have not done the steps above. I just went to Go daddy and forwarded the domain name to my IP address. Do you think I need that setup for my web server as well?
Nope. That is Not required.
When you have a apache-tomcat setup, normally apache handles all types of files except for jsp. Whenever there is jsp request apache internally forwards the request to tomcat thru 8009 port with the help of Coyote/JK2 AJP 1.3 Connector

So I think in your server.xml file in $TOMCAT_HOME/conf there must be something like
<Alias>IP</Alias> in the <Host name="domain.com" schema. Just check with that and try altering that server.xml file.


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DigitaleyeAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for looking into it. The problem was actually on the go daddy side. They were resolving the name to IP address. It is all good now.
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