How to login as dba in Isqlplus !

 Hello Experts!

  Could you please suggest that How to login as dba in Isqlplus(oracle 10g) in Linux as well as In Windows?

  Also 'm unable to open isqlplus(oracle 10g) in WIndows Vista! i tried to open in Internt Explorer & firefox.. but it couldn't!
   ANd isqlplus service is running ! what are the ways to launch isqlplus  Interface in Window Vista ?
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paquicubaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you go to: http://<hostname>:5560/isqlplus
You'll be prompted for Username, Password and Connect Identifier, then type:
Username: Sys As Sysdba
Password: xxxxxxx
Connect Identifier: xxxxxx
paquicubaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
iSQLPlus has been deprecated in 11G. That means that while it's still supported in 10G, it's not part of the 11G installation, so if you ever upgrade to 11G it will be gone.
I wouldn't bother setting up a tool that you won't be able to use in the next version. Use SQLPLUS.exe. BTW, SQLPLUSW.exe is also gone in 11G.
it-rexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
metalink ID
How to Enable DBA Access within iSQLPlus? [ID 287252.1]

one more thibg isqlplus is a desupported tool ;youy do not need to use neither learn it
you can download sql developer from oracle it is free and looks like TOAD!

you do not ISQLPLUS at all!!!
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