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Help with ASP.NET form/registration builder

I have a project which I would like a little help on...

The basic concept is that the client needs to be able to make a registration form from a CMS/admin panel, and collate the user responses - they will need to run reports on the responses, so the responses need to be held in a datastore.

The client will need to be able to create as many of these forms as they want. The Q&A will be quite advanced requiring plain text, checkbox, radio and other form types.


1) How would you go about storing this data during the registration process? Should I write it to a XML file or serialize it in a DB field?
2) Are there any open source projects similar I could have a look at?
3) Any advice on how I can implement this system would be very much appreciated!
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1 Solution
This link provides a comprehensive list of free asp.net CMS systems. Some are open source as well so that they can be fully customized to your needs. Implementing a CMS system is a non-trivial task that goes out of the scope of a general question where an answer could hope to be a "one size fits all" solution. Based on the fact that you want to do user polling, and that is the main focus of your CMS (thus stated) you'll have to investigate the various CMS systems to determine which best suites your needs and pricing structure if you're willing to purchase a CMS system or stick with free/open-source.

XML vs. SQL: Again there are many things to consider when making this kind of choice... SQL is faster to query and more robust (typically)  when it comes to ease of reporting and things of that nature. XML may be more flexible in your scenario leaving the Q/A data storage very open ended. Are you polling millions of users? Is so, SQL may be the best or only viable options. Is this a smaller-scale poll? If so, XML may be your answer. I typically work with both SQL and XML on a regular basis often intermingling the two on the same project. Based on what you described I could go either way here. I would take into account the scale of the project, the lifetime requirements of the poll results (longer lifetime/maintainability pushes me towards a SQL backend), etc. ad-nauseam.

Any advise on how to implement the CMS system, will of course, be specific to the CMS system you pick. Most of the ones listed in the article I linked (at least the ones I'm aware of) have at least some information on getting things installed and sometimes implemented. Oftentimes, open-source projects incur a cost should you require support (as is only fair because support costs time & moeny to someone, somewhere).

Since it doesn't sound like you're trying to refactor your existing websites to be full CMS systems one piece of advise I would give you on implementing a CMS specific to the polling scenario is that you put your CMS system in a subdomain or some separate area of the target website. It's only going to be used by admins (I assume) so you don't interrupt normal customer usage of the public website (or cloud up search results, etc.) This also frees you from trying to tie in a CMS to your existing system. You might want a few points in common for admins (like logins/usernames, etc.) but you don't have to typically spend as much time making the admin portion of a site match the public side of the things (unless you're selling website instances/templates, etc.)

Hope this helps get you started.
Sorry i flubbed the link somehow...

iziiziAuthor Commented:
no 100% what was required

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