Serial / Com Port not working in Remote Desktop

I have a Terminal Server that runs my loan software.  Users have a Topaz 766 signature pad on their local desktop.  I have one computer that refuses to map the local serial port to the remote server.  I've tried different users logging into to both local and remote machines.  I've tried a new signature pad.

Here is the interesting thing, when I run a program locally to test the signature pad, the program works fine.  The disclaimer text shows up on my signature pad and my signature shows up on the computer screen.  Exactly what it's suppose to do.  However, when I run the same signature pad on the TS server, nothing shows up on the pad or the screen.

And yes, I did check the box to share / map / direct serial / com ports to the remote desktop.
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EricSimonsAuthor Commented:
Please note, SQL server has nothing to do with this question.  That was an error on my part.

I have tried to reinstall my software, I reinstalled the drivers for the signature pad.  I removed and reinstalled my com port through device manager.

It might be worth mentioning that other users can access the TS server fine and their signature pads work properly.
Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
Well if it works for all other users on different machines and even for this user when he uses another machine, the issue is on the machine. Simple as that.
In that case a couple tests:
1. If you remove the hard disk and add a new one with a fresh install, does it work? If it does, the issue is on your existing installation of Windows. If it does not work the problem is with the machine itself.
2. You can try using Process Monitor (free from MS) to compare what a good machine does when you try using it over TS and when the bad one does it. If there is a registry/filesystem issue it will show it to you.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP
EricSimonsAuthor Commented:
It turns out that the users' profile on the terminal server had become corrupt.  Everything worked and looked normal except the remote desktop.  I say this because deleting the profile (thus forcing a rebuild on next logon) solved the issue.

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