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recoverting a deleted file on Vista

My client deleted and emptied her recycle bin on a Vista! machine. I've been attempting to bring back the folder using undelete-plus. The company has the absolute slowest tech support. Just the same has anyone sucessfully retrieved a deleted folder and not just the files within. So far not only has the folder not been recovered but also the files that were within the folder.  Are the rules different for Vista? Are the rules different for files with a directory?
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If the documents you are trying to recover are in the system partition (C: or the drive letter where the windows is installed) you should remove the disk from the pc, install it on another PC and try recovery softwares like GetDataBack with excessive search option.

If they are on another partition be sure never to install recovery softwares in that partition.

Most recovery softwares offer two modes of recovery, one fast and other with a more deeper search. Try the deeper one, takes more time but gives you more chances.
ecpeelAuthor Commented:
Both good ideas. Let me review. Thanks
ecpeelAuthor Commented:
I've been running some experiments on my XP machine to verify if files in a directory can be recovered. I've tried 4 products. My procedure:
1. create a folder and name it something I can find like "MyTestFolder"
2. copy some jpgs into this folder and prefix each image with Testxxxxx
3. delete the folder
4. Delete the folder from the recycle bin
5. Run recovery product(s) and try to find the folder or files.

So far nothing has worked.
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ecpeelAuthor Commented:
correction to number 1. Create a folder in the My Pictures directory named "MyTestFolder"

I am guessing that if the files are found they would be in the recycle directory but just to be certain I've also looked in the My Pictures directory.
Products tried:
Active Undelete
Advanced NTFS Undelete

ecpeelAuthor Commented:
Please close this question
ecpeelAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long. Vista is a different beast.

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