Outlook doesn't archive flagged messages

I have a user that flags emails as they come in. He also has configured his archive settings for each folder in his mailbox and has set a schedule for the program to run. This works perfectly. However, we have noticed that the items flagged do not get archived. Is there a way to force Outlook to archive these flagged messages anyway?
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I am guessing that this is by design.  

Have the user try setting an expiration for the emails that are flagged.  We do not autoarchive here so I am not sure if this would work.

If the user has a rule set up to flag as messages arrive, it may be possible to set expirations in the rule, but, that is some sort of custom action I would guess, and I have never set up a custom action.
Are the flagged messages opened and/or modified in any way. If they are then that will change the time as to when the message will be archived. Outlook does not look at the send/receive date, it looks at the modified date when archiving items.

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100eyesAuthor Commented:
The only thing special about these emails is that they have been flagged such as flagged for follow up and flag and put into a category. Most of them have not been touched since a couple of days after the flag or categorize was made.
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