Scorm API

We're building a learning/training area on our website, and trying to figure out the best way to do it.

In house we've developed a learning area to show video, but the quiz part is confusing.
We purchased the Articulate suite to make quizes using Quiz Maker, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding a Scorm API to get the results back from the quiz to insert into the database.

Does anyone know of anywhere that tells how to set this up correctly?
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Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Well, it looks like there is a SCORM interface of some description (according to - lot's of hits).As you've purchased the Articulate suite, my first stop would be to try their help system.Also, take a look at and scroll down and click "Publish to Your LMS".This seems to talk about doing it manually.I don't know the product at all, so take a look at the support link and/or give them a call.
andyd273Author Commented:
Yeah, so with SCORM (from what I've been able to figure out) there are two parts. The Scorm (backend) that delivers the correct quiz and receives and stores the returned data, and the SCO (quiz) that presents the questions and transmits the data.

When you publish to your LMS, it creates a quiz that is able to be placed into a SCORM capable LMS, but then you have to upload it and the LMS is something of a blackbox that just does what it does somehow.

We've published to our LMS (Moodle) and they do work, which is good, but we can't really use Moodle because it would take months (or longer) to alter it enough meet our needs.

Thats why I just want to take the API and put it into our website and just skip the whole dealing with someone else's off the shelf software.
Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Hmmm. I think this is going to be one of those things that I know nothing about. gives this ..."What is SCORM?SCORM is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products. SCORM tells programmers how to write their code so that it can “play well” with other e-learning software. Specifically, SCORM governs how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) communicate with each other. SCORM does not speak to instructional design or any other pedagogical concern, it is purely a technical standard."So, I suspect that the export to LMS is all that is needed. As long as both sides understand the middle (SCORM) it works.Is the app you've got PHP based?Does it use a DB that you can read/extract/update?
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Create a web service to serve as a bridge between SCORM API and database. Then modify the SCORM Java API provided by ADLNet to communicate with web service.
The sample also includes about how to embed SCORM API in your php pages serving as LMS.
API sample uses servlets. You can get idea from servlets about web service implementation.
andyd273Author Commented:
RQuadling:It is PHP based with a database that I can do pretty much anything to. The quiz understands SCORM, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get my side to understand. It's probably simple, I just can't get it to click, even with all the research I've done, and there are very few examples.

MentorK:That sounds like what I want to do, and I've been around ADLNet, but unless I'm missing it I haven't been able to find anything that looks like an API download. I dunno if I want to use Java (though if that's what it takes) but javascript would be cool.
If you could point me to the correct file (and possibly documentation or example) that would be great.

Sorry for late reply. Was busy in some tedious work.

The sample API is Java Applet which you will embed in php pages.

Here is the main link for latest SCORM version (SCORM 2004 4th Edition Version 1.1).

To download documentation visit,

To download sample runtime API visit,
andyd273Author Commented:
All right. I'll see if I can get my brain revved up to figure this stuff out...
andyd273Author Commented:
So I've figured out a workaround for this problem.
I had thought that I closed this one, but apparently not.

I basically had to trick the player into doing what I want.
First, in the Quiz Maker template I told it that I was using a lms by setting the variable g_LMS = true.
Then I went into the quiz.js under quiz_content and added a function called:
function lms_DoFSCommand(command, args)
      if(command == "CC_StoreQuizResult" && once == true){
            once = false;
            var name = document.getElementById("name").value;
            var VideoID = document.getElementById("VideoID").value;
  "GET","quiz_content/senddata.php?args="+VideoID+"|~|"+name+"|~|"+args,true); //
      if(command == "CC_ClosePlayer"){

After that, as soon as someone answers the last question, it sends the data to the php page that handles database interaction, and the results are stored without any further interaction from the user; just as if I had it plugged into a lms system.

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andyd273Author Commented:
Sorry, I had thought that I closed this one a few weeks back.
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