Queue trixbox Agent order

I have been trying to setup the queue in my trixbox to ring extensions is the order that the agents are setup , but it doesn't ring in proper order.
this is the setup that I have:
Queue # 124
Static Agent:
513, 0
514, 0
515, 0

the ring Strategy is roundrobin and Skip busy agents is set to YES
I have try to reverse the extension in the queue, but it's still doesn't ring in the order that I made.
is there anything I need to change ?
I would like to ring 513, then if this agent is busy to go to 514 ,then 515.
but I always want to have 513 to ring first if none are busy. I am not sure if the "o" following the extension means anything.
Thanks in advance.
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this is the main idea of queue

but if you need it to ring 513 first then if busy or not available goes to 514 and if busy or not available goes to 515 ,, if this is the idea ...

then create a group 1 and add to it extension 514

and set yes for Skip busy agents
and for Destination if no answer: choose extensions 515

then only add 513 to that queue and set yes for Skip busy agents
and for the Fail Over Destination choose ring group to group 1

tavernyAuthor Commented:
i tried to create groups as well, but when calls come in and no one pickups the system CPU gets high and hang up the calls since it gets into an infinite loop before someone becomes available. Queue I think is the way to go but do you know what the number "0" means after the extension of the agent?
I am not sure if this the number is the priority between agents.
aha it's for priority

here are some examples and scenarios regarding queues and some solution for your case




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tavernyAuthor Commented:
Cool that's what I thought it was but couldn't find any info about it.
Well Obviously you haven't  tried it right? So I hope it works . I 'm gonna test it this evening to see if it has any issue.

am already using priority  
but im using busy scenario .. if 1st extension busy or unavailable then goes to the 2nd priority and so on ,,

tavernyAuthor Commented:
are you using trixbox?
no,, elastix :)
but i worked on trixbox also
but i moved to elastix
tavernyAuthor Commented:
I have heard good thing about elastix , wich one you prefer or more reliable?
elastix for sure
tavernyAuthor Commented:
I haven't get the chance to test the priority , but I am sure you answered my question.
I opened another question , maybe you have solution to it aswell.

Thank you
tavernyAuthor Commented:
Well, I actually tested the priorities. it does ring in the order that it is setup but my problem is the following:
I have extensions:
 511, 2
 512, 3

If a call comes in it will ring 510 , but if 510 doesn't pickup instead of going to 511 it will still try to get to 510 . Now if 510 is busy it will go to 511 with no issue.
What I would like to do is to ring 510 and if 510 is busy or doesn't pickup after so many seconds then it would go to 511.

Can you see wht is wrong?
I attached a snapshot of the queue setup for that
tavernyAuthor Commented:
the rest of my queue
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