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I have a WSS site and a document library. The issue is that my client wants the users to have Add capability but not Edit capability. "Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited?" is selected. When a user submits a document they get an access denied error, the document in is the "Checked out documents" section though. It would appear that the Check in process is part of the Edit permissions. Is there a way I can use an event receiver On Adding to change the Checked in property to true?

I have been hearing conflicting results and I would rather not get four hours in only to find out that in fact you can't do this.
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quihongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let me first say that the "Check out" status/flag/feature of SharePoint doesn't have anything to do with access. Its really just a simple flag, that says, hey I'm working on this file right now.

Regarding having Add but not Edit rights, I do not believe this is supported out of box by SharePoint. One potential solution would be to open the document library for Contribute rights, but once the document is uploaded, an Event Handler is run to change the permission of the particular file/item making it Read Only.
NaananAuthor Commented:
if remove the requirement "Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited?", the users with add permissions can add documents without issue. As soon as I set it the other way the users without Edit permissions are given a permissions error. This is what led me to believe that the act of "Checking In" a document is covered by the edit permissions. If this is not infact the case I don't have another explanation for the behaviour.

I could try the event receiver but wouldn't the permissions have to be set on each individual document. Not that that is an issue I am just trying to confirm what you were stating.
Not exactly sure what's with your checking in/out issue, but I don't think its important (correct me if I am wrong).

Yes, basically you are setting permissions at a item level via the event handler every time someone contributes a new document.
NaananAuthor Commented:
It is kind of important as one of my clients wants to give people permissions to add documents to a library yet prevent them from editing the documents and they want to make sure that the documents are checked out if they are going to be edited.

I can solve the issue as you state, with an event receiver but I was hoping there was another way around that as our permissions are really complicated (not the best of situations) but this may be the way to handle it.

I will get to cracking and thanks for your support with this issue.
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