How do I configure PIX 506E to allow Internet connection for a new HP DL360 G6 (Windows 2003 or Windows 2008)?

We installed Windows 2008 on a newly acquired HP DL360 G6 server and it only allowed local only access.  Tried with Windows 2003 with same result.
Couldn't ping the default gateway which is the internal interface of the PIX 506E firewall.  Local access to other servers on the internal network was fine.

Brought the server to another environment with PXI 515E as the firewall and had no trouble getting through to the Internet.   Has anyone seen this?
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If the host can't ping the local gateway but can ping other internal hosts... then it sounds like cabling is fine.  

Is the new server on the same VLAN/physical subnet  as the gateway you are trying to ping.    If there is a managed switch between the server and gateway, the switch could have an ACL or other restrictions.  

CAn the internal hosts ping the gateway?   CAn the gateway ping the server?    Does the gateway allow ICMP packets at all?  

What kind of gateway is it?
Shut down a working machine, and temporarily assign it's address to the new server.

Double-check your subnet mask.

Verify that the default gateway is on the same subnet as the device that is attempting to access the Internet.

Verify that you get an ARP response from the PIX.  (run "arp -a" on the server, look for the IP address of the PIX)

Verify that the PIX gets an ARP response from the server.  (run "show arp" on the PIX, look for the IP address of the server)
technoficientAuthor Commented:
The PIX 506E is running an old version of the pix software.  The unit is over 8 years old.  We are planning to replace it within the next few days.  Thanks for all the pointers.

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So is there anything we can assist with?
technoficientAuthor Commented:
Please close question as the issus had been fixed by replacing the unit.

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