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Online Backups

I realize this question will result in HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE answers; but, here goes:
I am considering an Online backup service in addition to the backups I do on an external hard drive. However, there are several online backup services (2 GB free is a joke): Mozy, Carbonite, iDrive, et al.
Having checked with consumer reports is there an OBJECTIVE way to analyze/compare one online backup service to another, so that I can make a reasonably intelligent and reaonably priced choice?
Thanks.   GadgetDude
1 Solution
If you Google "online backup comparison chart", you get a fairly decent-sized list of data out there.

Here are a couple I looked at that have useful feature comparisons:



Want something different... Symform... the Symform Cooperative Storage Cloud. Unlimited backup space. Your files are broken up into 90+ pieces and stored on nodes throughout the internet. RAID 96 if you will... Symform only needs about 60+ pieces of the file to reconstruct the file.

The Cooperative part... Symform will use your backup drive (on your network) to backup other files (but only pieces of the files) from other clients. cool concept.

Yes, we resell this service and can get you pricing and get you signed up if you like the concept. Unlimited storage for a reasonable monthly fee.
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