Can you embed a live webpage in a PowerPoint 2007 show.

Is there a way to embed an actual web page directly over the internet, and/or it's contents inside a PP presentation?

Say you're doing a presentation about something and you want to include a related video from YouTube, or a flash presentation someone made that relates to this. Is it possible to put a link to the content and/or the page itself, so that as long as you have working internet, the page itself will appear in or as one of the slides. Basically the same concept as IFrames in HTML, but in PowerPoint.
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csmart2301Connect With a Mentor Commented:
adds active web page ability to power point
bob_the_builderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
JSRWilsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Shyam's Live Web is great and free but if you fancy doing it yourself with only one line of code ...
johngerityAuthor Commented:
Haven't tried these, but they sound great! I'll give them all a shot. Thanks!
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