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jquery how do I exclude all divs that are not nested with a certain class name

I have a hidden div at the bottom of my page where I plan to put a div with text inputs and buttons.  I am going to be dynamically cloning this and adding it to my page to make a way for users to enter more results by clicking an add button which will add a new row of inputs.  This is working now.  I want to add event handlers to the buttons on the newly added rows so I was thinking that I can just nest my template in a class called Template.  Then when I add my event handlers, I could just search for anything that is not under a div with the class of Template.

This is
2 Solutions
Have you tried the live? This way any new controls with same criteria get attached to the same event handler.

why dont you use jquery "live" event handler/listener


basically what is does is allows you to register a click event listener on a selector for an object that does not exist in the DOM yet, but will exist later on...

for ex:

$('#id_of_new_element').live('click', function(){
   // code here ...
  return false;

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