Dell PowerEdge 830 Data Recovery via BartPE or Knoppix - SATA RAID drivers?

Hello All,
I have a Dell PowerEdge 830 Desktop Server, running Win2k3 Standard Edition, latest Service Pack, that caught a nasty virus that's infected the whole O/S.

I'd like to begin data recovery via BartPE or Knoppix Linux to transfer user data from the D: drive.

I cannot get anything but Win2k3 (infected) to recognize the C: and D: drives.

The RAID Array is a 3 HD configured in RAID 5, 2 logical disks present (C: and D:).

I have gotten the drivers for the controller card, and I install them when prompted by BartPE, and it looks okay, but when I boot into the PE, neither the C: nor D: drive are present.

If anyone has had any experience getting to the drives on this type of array, I would be most grateful if you shared.

This server has been down for four days.  The need for data recovery to begin server re-build is now critical.

Good Luck.  Cheers.
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I've used before GetDataBack for NTFS ( to recover data from Dell PE 2850 with RAID5 volume. It was successful.
Just leave the RAID array, put another hdd and install a WinOS and you can use GetDataBack to recover data from RAID 5.
DarkLookingGlassAuthor Commented:
Actually, I own a copy of GetDataBack for NTFS.

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DarkLookingGlassAuthor Commented:
Actually these particular CERC RAID drivers seem to only work with Win2k3
According to Dell the following OSes are supported by the 830.
o Windows 2000 Server, Standard edition, (Service Pack 4)
o Windows 2003 standard editiono Windows 2003 Small Business Server (SBS)
o Windows 2003 for 64 bits extend system standard edition
o RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ES version 3.
o RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ES version 4 IA32
o RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ES version 4 for EM64T.
o Novell Netware version 6.5 Pack 3
o SUSE Linux- SLES9 EM64T

First off, you need to identify the specific PERC controller in your server as there are several options for add-in RAID cards and they use different drivers.  You can find out from BIOS POST messages whether it's Adaptec or AMI/LSI, then narrow it down to the specific controller on the Dell support site or from your purchase invoice.  You can also call Dell if you cannot find that and they may be able to tell you what you ordered.

According to the Dell Support page for the PE 830 there are drivers all the way back to Windows 2000 and and many versions of Linux.  You may want to consider one of the many Linux based recovery Boot CD/DVDs, just make sure they support NTFS,  they may already have the Dell drivers you need already supported.  I use UBCD4WIN (not helpful at this stage as it builds a specific boot CD or DVD to support your system), UBCD, or Clonezilla.

I always choose RAID controllers that support hardware based RAID (they usually have RAM slots for cache and a battery to maintain RAID config on the card) because they support RAID at the BIOS level which means drivers aren't always neccessary because there is BIOS level support for the array which allows any OS to see the partitioning scheme, then you just need a utility that supports the filesystem you formatted with.

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I also saw this, not sure of the reputation of the website or legality of their Live boot CD.  Sounds like they used UBCD4WIN (based on BartPE) on a working PE830.

I am not associated with their site in any way and I do not know who they are.  I just know it appears they have used BartPE or UBCD4WIN to create the boot CD.  $5.95 GBP($9.62 USD)

Regardless of what happens with this, do yourself a favor and check out UBCD4WIN.

If I has to use this CD, I would definitely scan it with multiple up-to-date AV programs and use it disconnected from the network.  I would also AV scan all of the recovered data carefully with several different tools.  

Actually, what I would probably do is build UBCD4WIN on a working clean machine, you just have provide access to Windows install media that supports the drivers you download and add the drivers to the appropraite directory before building the CD or DVD.  XP might even work. Cool part is you could just add all of the drivers available for that model of Dell (which is probably what the UK website did).

Good luck.
If you can get your hands on it somehow, you can boot of the UNIVERSAL RESTORE media and backup the entire sever without having to boot the server. It will recognize all RAID drivers automatically. This by far is the easiest methods I know off.
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