UPHClean server 2008

Hi, We are using servers 2008 ( which uphclean is build in) and Powerfuse server on top of them.
 Since Powerfuse has this function as well we need to disable the uphclean on serveres, but when we do this we get warring whole time that "User profile services" is not availabale.  
How can i get reed of this warrning? Registry keys?

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lalehgolConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It is not Error, more like popup massage on the right corner of computer that gives you the massage and keep coming now and then. Just like when you turn off your computer firewall.
yes, you are right, UPHClean does not work properly on Windows 2008 anyway, you should get rid of this product:  http://blogs.technet.com/uphclean/
though it seem like on Windows 2008 Uphclean is built into the OS...
what is the event Viewer event ID information relating to this error/warning?
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