Setup a Server with Exchange like functionality

im looking to setup a server that does email, network share, and a vpn...

Basically i need a place to store files (that reads in windows as a drive (NTFS?), also a server that will handle email, calendar, contacts etc... that will also work and hookup with outlook and direct push.

This way it is similar to an exchange server in that people can save their contacts, calendar, email and have it sync up with their phones, outlook, and also an online webmail app...

Also have a VPN setup so that the fileserver can be accessed.

I was thinking about a linux distribution server edition but maybe with an online GUI (kind of like webmin in the old days..., but for a full server apps etc...???

anyway thanks in advance!
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Fabio MarzoccaConnect With a Mentor FreelancerCommented:
What you need is an Ubuntu Server and Zimbra Collaboration Suite:
Fabio MarzoccaFreelancerCommented:
Ximbra Open Source Edition is hre:
ambush276Author Commented:
zimbra i see what they offer but in the open source edition what do you get??

do you get the OWA like webmail app, the direct push etc?? what is the difference between the open source and the paid version? etc....?
Fabio MarzoccaFreelancerCommented:
Everything is expalined on their site:
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