New employee with blackberry (BES setup) from old employer

I have an new user that has a blackberry. He has the Enterprise option on his phone plan.  He used this from his previous employer that had an Enterprise server.  It is still configured for use on his old employer's blackberry enterprise server, even though they've deleted his account.

My question is this:  Can I set him up like I would a user with a new phone with no problems? I would like to do this without having him wipe his phone. He is at a remote branch without me being able to do this myself.  
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I had a similar situation and yes, it worked just fine.

I just set him up in the server and generated his activation email...  On his phone, I went into Options > Advanced Options > Service Book and deleted everything that started with Desktop.

I then entered his new email address and activation, and it worked fine.

Hope this helps!


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junaidITManager, ICT ServicesCommented:
till you remove the device from the bes server, i doubt if it would allow  you to activate it on a new blackberry server.

If you delete the DESKTOP service book entries, the BB has no knowledge of a BES server and can be reactivated..  on any other server.

The only way I could see you having to do a wipe, is if a BES policy kept you from deleting the DESKTOP service books..  
Re-activating without wiping the device can cause issues on the device. First if the new policy is less-restrictive that the old policy you'll need to wipe the handheld before any activation can take place.

If you want to preserve the information a much cleaner way is to use desktop manager to take a backup. Then wipe the device and perform a selective restore (i.e if the user wanted to save just the contacts then perform an advanced restore for just the contacts).
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