FrontPage 2003 takes too long to save a file

    Before, when I created a file in FrontPage 2003 and then saved it, it took about 1 second to save it. Now, it takes about a minute to save it. Im trying to figure out why.
     Ever since this happened, I also noticed that when it saves a file, in the status bar it will say:
     Processing file: c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\FrontPageTempDir\wp3wj1kl.tmp.
     When I save the next file, the status bar will say the same thing except this time there will be a different tmp file listed at the end of the path. I think whats happening is that (and someone tell me if Im wrong) every time I save a file, it now creates or processes a tmp file for it and thats whats causing it to take so long.
     It will do this every time I create a new file and then save it. If I edit an existing file and save it, it will also take a very long time to save it but this time in the status bar it will just say: Requesting Data&

     I have a second question. I tried searching for this FrontPageTempDir folder mentioned in that path, but I cannot find it. Ill get to the Local Settings folder, but instead of there being a Temporary Internet Files folder, there isnt one. And yes, I did make sure that Show hidden files and folders was turned on. I also used Microsoft Search for those temp files, but it doesnt find it. Why cant I find this phantom path that is displayed in the status bar whenever I try to save a file in FrontPage 2003?
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rdivilbissConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Clear your Internet History.   (You probably want to save your cookies).

If that does not help, check the server health and check repair problems before starting.

Tools -> Server -> Administration Home: [Opens a page in IE] Check Server Health (link), click all the Repair Checkboxes and then the OK button.

I'd think those would help.  If not I'd wonder if my upstream Internet Connection was slower than my downstream connection...unless this is a local server.
john8217Author Commented:
    In FrontPage 2003 I try to go to: Tools \ Server, but "Server" is greyed out, so I can't access it.
Local or remote server?
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