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The current field must match the join key?

I have 3 tables:

With the following relationships;
Inventory links to Manufacturer via Manufacturer Name and Model Number.
Inventory links to Puchased via Order number and Model Number

When I try to add a new record via a form it get the following error:

 "Then current field must match the join key'?' in the table that serves as the 'one' side of the one-to-many relationship.  Enter a record in the 'one' side table with the desired key value, and then make the entry with the desired join key in the 'many-only' table.

I assume it gives this error because I can't update the Model number and Order number at the same time.  Any thoughts?
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"Inventory links to Puchased via Order number and Model Number"

Really? Why would you want to store order numbers in an inventory record?
JAMES125Author Commented:
Not my requirement, I just follow orders!  So is there anything that can be done?
Only by changing the relationship so that you do not require the parent to exist first (so no RI enforced)

You are trying to enter a record in a child table which requires the existence of a matching parent record, but where there is not and cannot be a matching parent (otherwise the child record would already exist - and so you have a basic paradox).

However even changing the RI settings will not result in the OrderNumber being added  to the parent record because Access doesn't work that way round.  

(Bear in mind that all we have to go on here is what you have posted.)

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