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changing layout in InDesign

I am laying out a coffee table book for a client in Indesign. It was 10 X 8 landscape but now the client wants to modify it to 7 X 7 square. Can this be done by modifying the current book and resizing the photos or do I have to start over with the new dimensions? If I can modify the current layout, how do I do it in InDesign?
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If you were scaling down proportionally... for instance, scaling down by 20% in both height AND width... then you could just proportionally scale the entire document with minimal effort on your part.  
But since you're not only scaling down, you'r altering the proportions, I think unfortunately you'll have to create a new document with the new dimensions and lay everything out again.
There is no magic button in InDesign that will do this all for you.
Open the document
Go to File > Save as
and save as a new revised size document (This is important so you're working on a new copy and will still have the original document in case things go wrong)

Go to File > Document Set up
Change the page size to your new dimensions.
Now you'll have a new document at your new size.
Your layout is going to be a bit messed up, but it's a simple matter of manually going through and fixing it.

InDesign does have a magic button, that you could try, although the results still need some tweaking, as it's rarely perfect, but worth a shot anyway.

On a new copy of your document try this.
Before you do the document set up part
Go to Layout > Layout adjustment enable it (See screenshot)
After this, then go to Document Set up do your new size and check out the results. It can go a little freaky, but as I said it's worth a look.
geriatricgeekAuthor Commented:
it will require redoing every page and picture, but i would have had to do that anyway if i started over. thanks.

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