auto scrolling image slideshow with left right button using javascript

Posted on 2010-01-12
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-19
i would like to have slideshow similar to this website www.makaan.com 
can any one tell me how to get going this...
i checked the body onload function too..
but current body is already having 2 onload function
<body onload="ddd(0);dddcom(0);">
i checked the view source, and but didnt got success in scrolling things...
i fetch images from database using php and smarty and everything is fine just images are not scrolling..
Question by:global_expert_advice
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Author Comment

ID: 26297127
here is the code i'm using with javascript files
<link href='http://img.makaan.com/ssi/css/home-stylesheet.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' > 
<script src='http://img.makaan.com/ssi/js/chomepage1.js' type='text/javascript' language='javascript1.2'></script>

this in body tag
<body onload="ddd(0);dddcom(0);load('table-content',5000,'http://img.makaan.com/images/scroll/','12'); slideshow ('startslide');">

you can the onload function..
rest of the code is below...
i'm fetching the images from database using smarty.. and i'm getting it you can check in view source..
but only problem is that its not scrolling..
check my direct link...
you can see the featured projects ... its getting images but not scrolling...

i need urgent help on this..
atlast i'm taking and implementing the  scrolling teching from www.makaan.com
if you can get the coding tech. from there please let me know.
<center>&nbsp;<div style="clear:both;height:17px;"></div>
<div style="background:#FFF; float:auto;width:953px;">
	<div style='float:auto;padding-left:17px;padding-right:17px;'>
		<b class='b1h'></b><b class='b2h'></b><b class='b3h'></b><b class='b4h'>
		<div class='headh' >
			<div style='font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;padding-bottom:3px;padding-left:10px;' align='left'>Featured Projects</div>
		<div class='contenth' style='padding:0px;'>
			<div style='height:180px;#height:181px;padding:0px;'>
				<div id='expertService' style='float:left;padding:0px;'>
					<div style='width:930px;margin: 0px; padding: 0px;float:left;overflow:hidden;' id='expert-inner' >
						<div style="float: left; width: 5%; text-align: center;padding:0px;padding-top:50px;">
							<a id="slideprevious" style="visibility:hidden;" href="javascript:next_previous('previous','http://img.makaan.com/images/scroll/')">
							<img id="dimage_previous" src="http://img.makaan.com/images/scroll/prev-disable.gif"   border="0" alt="previous"><img id="image_previous" src="http://img.makaan.com/images/scroll/prev.gif"   border="0" alt="previous" style="display:none;">
						<div id="container" style='height:100%;width: 89%;float:left;padding:0px;'>
							<div id="content-container" style='float:auto;padding:0px;'>
								<div id="content" class="content" style="visibility:visible; padding:0px; ">
									<table id="table-content" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" align='center'>
										<tr >{section name=var loop=$featured_proj_image} 
											<td valign='top' align='center' width='100%'>
											<div class='expertdetails' style="overflow:hidden;float:left;margin:0;padding:0;width:208px;">
												<div style='padding-top:10px;width:90%;'>
													<div id='projectwrapper'>
														<div id='firstDiv'>
															<a href='http://www.tulipwhite.co.in/' target='_blank' onClick='javascript: update_banner_hits(2443,"2")' >
															<br>Featured Projects</a>
														<div id='secondDiv'>
															<a href='http://www.tulipwhite.co.in/' onClick='javascript: update_banner_hits(2443,"2")' target='_blank'>
															<img src="uploads/projects/{$featured_proj_image[var]}" align='top' alt='1257154270-featured-project-new.' title='1257154270-featured-project-new.' height='100' width='140'/></a>
												<div style='width:95%;text-align:center;'>
													<div style='padding:0px;'>
														<a href='http://www.tulipwhite.co.in/' onClick='javascript: update_banner_hits(2443,"2")' target='_blank' class='hrefhomelinks' style='color:#000000;text-decoration:none;'>
													<div style='color: #4470A1;padding-top:4px;text-align: justify;width:165px;height:25px;'>
														<a href='http://www.tulipwhite.co.in/' onClick='javascript: update_banner_hits(2443,"2")' target='_blank' class='hrefhomelinks'>
														<span style='text-align: justify;'>{$featured_proj_desc[var]}</span></a></div>
													<div style='text-align:right;float:right;color: #4470A1;padding-right:15px;height:25px;' class='textnopad'>
														<a href='http://www.tulipwhite.co.in/' onClick='javascript: update_banner_hits(2443,"2")' target='_blank' class='hrefhomelinks'>
														<span class='textnopad'>more &gt;&gt;</span></a></div>
													<div style='clear:both'>
												<div style='clear:both'></div>
						<div style="float: right; width: 5%; text-align: center;padding:0px;padding-top:50px;">
							<a id="slidenext" style="visibility:hidden;" href="javascript:next_previous('next','http://img.makaan.com/images/scroll/')">
							<img id="dimage_next" src="http://img.makaan.com/images/scroll/next-disable.gif"   border="0" alt="next"><img id="image_next" src="http://img.makaan.com/images/scroll/next.gif"   border="0" alt="next" style="display:none;">
						<div style='clear:both'></div></div></div></div></div>
		<b class='b4bh'></b><b class='b3bh'></b><b class='b2bh'></b>
		<b class='b1h'></b></div></div> 

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Expert Comment

ID: 26301550
i'm getting lost, are you working on http://makaan.instantrankingseo.com/final/ or just taking the code to another website ?
if you are working on it, i don't see any problems, if you are taking the code form it and working with other site, please send me the source file you're working on it

Accepted Solution

global_expert_advice earned 0 total points
ID: 26306774
well i corrected the problem... sorry for not posting here in time.... i feel there was a problem with smarty and  javascript,,, using the code in .tpl file was not firing the slideshow...
what option i had was to create the slideshow in separate file .php and use the same in .tpl file as iframe... and its working...

well i love to have the code working through smarty...

Expert Comment

ID: 26307709
good to hear

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