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Hi guys,

I've a situation, have a list of email address, almost 5000, when I send to them an email, got some back with some error, let's assume they are more than 2000.

Keep in mind in these they came back with different headings:

From: Mail Delivery System <>
Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

From: Mail Delivery System <>
Subject: Mail delivery failed

From:mailer-daemon@<so and so>.com
Subject:Delivery Notification

From: postmaster@<so and so>.COM
From: Mail Delivery Subsystem <mailer-daemon@<so and so>.com>
Subject:Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

From:Yahoo! Groups <>
Subject:Unable to deliver your message

some more subject lines are unable to deliver or failure notice or Delivery Notification

and now there is 2nd category, where got out of office or Vacation reply or whatever

Now the question, how to remove these failure ones in a separate list and these out of office ones in seperate one, because they are good ones, but the person is not there at this point in time or either he/she asked to send to some other email address.

Basically would like to segregate the good ones with the bad ones, or either can say, those which are not working at this point in time.

I know this is a little confusing question, but need some help for cleaning my email database, as it is pretty big.

I can do this cleaning either on linux or windows, whatever and where you want me to do, or if there any tool or any db or any thing, how I can fix this problem, as sending emails to these bogus addresses for quite some time.

Big Thanks in advance, for the one who can fix this problem.
Best regards,
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Kerem ERSOYConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:

You can use procmail with the returning mails.

* ^Subject:.*(returned|failure|delivery).*

Will place all returned delivery mail to a folde called returned.
I am assuming that you want to be able to move some failed mails in one folder and others in another. If that's the case, you can setup a a Rule to accomplish that. If, it's not what you want, please let us know.
If you are not too concerned about whether the process is manual or automated, then maybe this will help:

It will most likely require a manual process of capturing your database in something like Excel.  You'll then be able to export your addresses in (for example) CSV format.

You can then go in and 'clean-up' your database manually, removing the redundant addresses as you receive the non-delivery reports.

The pro is that Excel is fantastic for manupilating huge amounts of data like this, faily easily.

The con is that it is a lot of manual work.

As for automating the process, I would imagine that you could design a program to do it for you, but that's a whole different ball-game.

Good luck!
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el123Author Commented:
Gurus ... you both are very much correct, and thanks a lot too,
ok first come first:

- jaynir: I've already done this, I've all the error ones are coming to my Outlook folder error ... till here its good, but now how to match and remove from the primary list ... this is the task ... please assist

now the 2nd:
mediabrand: need your help in this regard, I've all the list and can put it in an excel sheet or note pade or in whatever format I can do this, too, but how to remove or ... don't know how to do this

let's assume, I put a rule using outook and now I've 3 folders, one is getting all the error ones, one is getting all the out of office ones ... and the 3rd one is just not rule, this'll be the primary palace where all are coming ... now how to remove this ... please assist, or if you have any formula or any thing that'll be great or if you can suggest any other tool, program or any thing, that'll be of great help.

Thanks again.
Hello. Check this, maybe is too much for your problem but there are several softwares there. Some of them may fix your needs.

That's the thing - you will have to manually remove each one from your list.  
el123Author Commented:
I'm not using unix for email blast, using a 3 party tool, for this email sending, simple light weight ... just for sending emails ... that's it.

And all the replies got into my inbox, whatever email I wrote in this tool ... as Sender's email address:

Please suggest/advice, how I can remove these bad email address, what I can do easily, can forward these Error email addresses into one folder, and then from there, I can dump them in text file format, now the task is to compare from the original file (where all the email addresses are already written) and remove these email addresses which are present in this Bad Email addresses file.

Waiting to hear back ... Gurus!
See this for Spam Fighter Pro.  Has numerous filters and traps (costs $29).
el123Author Commented:
thanks puppydogbuddy, but I think you didn't get the question,

it is not to remove or block spam ... we are trying to remove the error-ed email addresses, means that we have sent email to 100 email addresses, and from them 33 was error-ed,for any reason, now we just want to move these error-ed email addresses to another file ... basically removed from the main 100 list ... I'm sure, this'll be clear ... please assist.

- EL
you need to read the product pariculars a little more carefully.  It is much more than a spam lets you set rules and filters to redirect emails as well.
See this link for some of the things you should factor into email filters and blocks (rules)in addition to duplications and redirections:

el123Author Commented:
puppydogbuddy, I've read it and tried to set the rules too, its like the same as outlook ... whatever I can understand, please help me, if heading in the wrong direction :-(
I create the rules, now the error-ed emails are going to a different folder, then the good one ... right, this is the same as outlook, but ...

now the actual task:

I want to remove these error-ed email addresses from the master list, enable not to send email to the same wrong addresses ... how I can achieve this, this is the problem, they both are in 2 different folders ...

because master list is in .txt format, I can have the error-ed email addresses too, in a txt file ... but now how to match and remove these wrong addresses from the master list ... this is the actual work ...

can you please assist? ... thanks
el123Author Commented:
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