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Where Can I Find an Affordable Embedded Device?

I am looking to find an affordable embedded device.

I would write a program that monitors an RS232 port, decodes the proprietary data coming in and then generates SNMP traps. This program would run continually on the embedded device. I am wondering if there are any devices out there that are priced at no more than USD $200.

So the device requirements are:
 -1 RS232 port
 -Ethernet port (not wireless)
 -the operating system has API for generating SNMP traps
 -ability to write proprietary software for this device
 -cost is not more than USD $200
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1 Solution
The Lantronix XPort-AR module will fill the bill. You can buy their $190 eval kit, which includes an eval board, the Xport-AR device server module, serial connector and cable, and a CD with software utilities and documentation:


The module itself has to be installed on a circuit board with a serial connector to use, but is otherwise self contained; the eval kit gives you everything you need.

The XPort-AR has some pretty cool specs: A fully programmable 120 MHz computing platform with a Cisco-like CLI, as well as HTTP and HTTPS servers, SNMP, XML, RSS, SSH, DNS, SMTP, FTP, Telnet, and a slew of other protocols. It can Web-enable up to two serial ports, and supports 802.3af compliant pass-through Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The RTOS Kernel has a pre-emptive scheduler, multithreading, memory management semaphores and available 1.25 Mbps flash-based nonvolatile storage, plus APIs for SNMP and all the other protocols listed above.

You'll have to be a competent C programmer, but as long as you have that skill, you can program the thing to talk to serial devices and interact via SNMP.
Another interesting alternative that may be simpler is the $99 Netburner eval kit:


The development software included with this kit is more readily adaptable to direct SNMP manipulation; with the Lantronix XPort devices you have to write kernel code to do direct SNMP message building, but this board, although having a much simpler runtime environment, comes with an IDE ready to do C/C++ programming at the application level.
Forget the Netburner; I see that charge $495 to license the SNMP module!

tdyck12345Author Commented:
It looks like we will probably go with the Lantronix solution. Thanks.

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